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Battling with Multiple sclerosis....

My Enemy….


My day spent tangled in physical pain-

I have only self to blame insides turned Insane.

Untamed blood broke from cells with an Antibody activist movement.., 41 more words


The connection between time and freedom - Part 1

In the life we are living at the 21st century, the technological developments and the cultural way of life. Has brought many to live a life, in which the main occupation of an individual is based on a monotonic and repetitive cruel daily routine. 538 more words

Real Life

RE:It is with a heavy heart that I announce we had another holistic doctor die just days ago. which makes 80 in our unintended series.

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Compelling and Direct Headling

Hey there,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce we had another holistic doctor die just days ago, which makes 80 in our unintended series. 1,459 more words

The Now

Japan Dolphins Day

Friday 1st September 2017…I joined a group of dedicated activists for the annual protest march in London, to the Japanese Embassy.

For those of you who don’t know, 1st September is the the first day of the seven month long annual dolphin capture and slaughter in Taiji, Japan. 642 more words


During those years in school as a kid when I took part in a poetry competition …. It was Independence Day for India and I was to recite a poetry… since a little poet was budding in me I decided not to pick up books but write my own…. 215 more words


Video: US Soldier Asks ‘Refugees’ Enjoying Welfare In Europe Why They Won’t Help Him Fight for Freedom In Their Homelands

Muslims from the Middle East who have become “refugees” to Europe are immigrating to avoid having to fight for their own freedom back home and instead are happy for U.S.

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Young Conservatives

Liberty quote

Liberty cannot exist without sacrifice, nor can sacrifice exist without suffering. Blood may be shed, but should the suffering of the part in the end save the whole, it is a pain we are obligated to endure.  8 more words

Lancaster R. Hill