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The Small Goddess & The Reluctant Thief

Note: Another entry into a contest. The prompt was to write a tavern-based fight scene in 1,000 words or less. It’s tough for me to stay within a word limit and still keep things understandable, so this was a challenge! 1,014 more words


Steeltooth Versus Swordbrow

Deep within the jungles of Yombi in the heart of the Aferkan continent, a steeltooth (Tyrannosaurus rex) and a swordbrow (Triceratops prorsus) play out their battle of predator and prey in sight of an ancient Bayombi tomb.


Lobo Chronicles, part 12 - Good times ahead

It has been a long time since I wrote on these Chronicles. Almost two years have passed since my last entry, and there has been some water under the bridge. 566 more words


Chapter 10- Living Statues Always End Up Wanting To Kill You

Mel was still tired after sleeping, but this was not unusual for him. Ever since he was a young boy, his parents had trained him to expect danger around every corner. 1,473 more words

The Red And The Rest

My Weird Dream : Dumbledore Slayer?!

I looked around me in a frantic search for a weapon, there it lay, a 2b green pencil. I took it in my hand, trying to sheild myself from what lay in front of me. 173 more words


Out with the Old, in with the New

You know how sometimes you watch a movie or a video and you just have to write? Yeah. That happened to me. Martial arts movies are influential I guess.  787 more words