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Seventh Son Movie Review

It was worth watching on big screen because of its cool cinematography, editing and animations. I really can’t believe how Gregory fought with all those creatures. 258 more words


Motael's Escape

Nicholas Dreyfus, better known to the world as Motael, set up his lab in preparation for the approaching soldiers. The famed supervillain had discovered that a small army of American soldiers were coming to apprehend him after his most recent escapade. 2,292 more words


Mongrel Nation III: Thought Myself to Death

“We have about two minutes to decide if we’re going to be able to work together,” Van Ry said, lighting another cigarette. Kat’s cell stood open, the keys that Van Ry took off the unconscious guard still in the lock. 1,782 more words


Chapter 2: Bohemian Rhapsody

Smith left with a single file folder. On the bus home he looked at the assignment. It looked like one of those 3-D pictures you were supposed to stare at cross-eyed, a jumble of random dots with no clear writing. 2,135 more words


On Writing Climactic Fight Scenes

Hello, Blogosphere, and good morning.

I wrote this piece a couple days ago, voicing my thoughts as to what I’ve learned after writing my first big fight scene. 879 more words


My Challenging Encounter With A Fight Scene

Hello, Blogosphere, and good morning.

So it’s finally time in this new novel to write a couple fight scenes. Which is fun, and engaging, and thought-provoking, and also something I have absolutely no idea how to do. 740 more words


Fight Scene Friday -- "Blade 2"

by Gabriel Valdez

Keep your sparkling vampires. I’ll take my Eastern European goth ninjas any day of the week. It’s hard to rank this fight – it looks great and many of the short combination sequences are beautifully laid out, but it’s bookended by lovably atrocious 2002 CGI and interspersed with some of the most useless choreography put to film. 358 more words