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The Anatomy of the Art of Dragonball: A Fight Scene

Let’s try something different in this post. I filled in the character silhouettes as I did before, but this time that’s all you get – I’m leaving out background and panel borders. 146 more words


File #2 Page 2: Uphill Climb

Day 15: Fighting For My Children

Quasimodo is an unholy demon. I must send it back to where it belongs. When I found it, it was towering over Modo, looking almost enraged at the mere presence of such a reminder of what it once was. 502 more words


Chapter 5: Where My Hat Is At?

Maybe she’d acted a bit too quickly.

Carla did not have grandparents, at least not any she’d ever met, but from what she’d learned of her family their fatal flaw was a penchant for rash decisions. 1,607 more words

The Red And The Rest

Spike Spiegel versus Vincent Volaju: The Best Animated Fight Scene Ever

It’s Debate Day! A while back, Aaron and I did a Debate Day on the best live action movie fight scene. This week we’re looking at the best animated fight scene, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities! 1,136 more words

Debate Day

Fiction Writing: How to Survive Your First Fight Scene and Beyond

Alright, dear Author, let’s talk about fighting in books:

Fighting in novels is something that can garner any range of reactions from readers, from “I love fight scenes, they’re the most thrilling parts of the book! 2,206 more words


Seventh Son Movie Review

It was worth watching on big screen because of its cool cinematography, editing and animations. I really can’t believe how Gregory fought with all those creatures. 258 more words


Motael's Escape

Nicholas Dreyfus, better known to the world as Motael, set up his lab in preparation for the approaching soldiers. The famed supervillain had discovered that a small army of American soldiers were coming to apprehend him after his most recent escapade. 2,292 more words