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Keep Movin' Forward

Punching his stubbly chin felt like smashing into broken glass. This must be what animals feel like when they take on a hedgehog. This was a bad idea. 420 more words


Gong Yoo needs to be in a sageuk...NOW!

So, thanks to the always wonderful Ockoala over at koalasplayground.com (my favorite Kdrama/Cdrama blog), I just saw this glorious trailer for Kim Eun Sook’s new drama, … 218 more words

Drama News Bites

Corporate Intern - New Short Film!

After a super long hiatus of working on projects with other people (Reverse Falls and Percy Jackson, check them out) I have made a new original short. 37 more words


My 2016 vote

Click here to read how I’ll vote. Especially if you want California proposition advice. But if you have not made up your mind about president yet, regardless of your politics, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? 123 more words

Chapter 24

Early in his career, Inspector Pigshit spent six months on a secondment to the Dogs Unit, where he worked at the airport with the sniffer dogs who checked suitcases for drugs and explosives. 408 more words

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 – Most badass scene from any anime character

Yea the bear nun from Yozakura Quartet 78 more words


Jared Kirby on How to Create a Film Fight

People often ask what goes into creating a fight for film. There are a lot of different answers to that, but this video describes Jared Kirby’s ideal process. 12 more words