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Chapter 12- Missing

On top of the Cathedral of Sainte Decius, a man with a long nose lay prone, gripping his weapon so tightly that his right hand ached. 1,865 more words

The Red And The Rest

Chapter 11- The Worst Day in Living Memory

Carla thought she was opening her eyes, based on the fact that she could see again. Then again, it didn’t feel anything like opening her eyes usually felt. 1,335 more words

The Red And The Rest

Cassidy "Colorado" Masterson USMC

Cassidy walked out of the Security Forces Building after a meeting with the Office of Special Investigations. Her meeting, predicated by a recent change in orders, was being held at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center which is located in the middle of a California desert. 1,370 more words


Catching your breath. (A magic battle)

Earlier today I shared a post on the sense of taste. In it I gave you a prompt to write a fight scene with the sense of taste playing a large role. 1,171 more words


Refugee Family

“I don’t want to leave!” Irina was not happy about the proposition. “This is my home.”

Jade and the other members of the family looked around at the damage from the alien attack. 1,450 more words


The Tough Go Pro - GoPro Action Movie

Our latest movie is now online, a combat movie shot almost entirely shot from the point of view of a GoPro Hero 3 camera strapped to our main character’s head. 39 more words


The Encounter

Two days after the first storm…

Jade looked at the sky. The type of clouds, and the winds reminded her of the last storm. After the discussions she had with Egan’s family she knew this was her opportunity to find out what was going on. 1,435 more words