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Jared Kirby on How to Create a Film Fight

People often ask what goes into creating a fight for film. There are a lot of different answers to that, but this video describes Jared Kirby’s ideal process. 12 more words



How to Shoot a Fight Scene

This video comes from, “Film Riot” page on youtube.com. I feel this is an inspirational video, because they break down how to construct a fight scene so it stops looking like film making is so impossible. 47 more words

Film Riot

Bad Movie Tuesday: Hard Target 2 (2016), Scott Adkins’ “Surviving the Game” follow-up to Van Damme’s Hard Target (1993).

MY CALL:  If Ice-T’s Surviving the Game (1994) and Van Damme’s Hard Target (1993) had a sweaty-muscled child, and that abtastic child was hunted for sport and could do fancy jump spin kicks— 1,188 more words

John Leavengood

Ten Incredible Fight Scenes of the Modern Era

Having grown up on the mean streets of Launceston Tasmania, I’ve witnessed plenty of fights in my time – though they’ve all occurred on the television. 2,367 more words


The Kudaki Part 2

To read Part 1, please click here.

The room’s door opens with a kick. Kia dives for her dagger, puts her left hand on the floor, uses her inertia to front flip, and flings her blade forward with all her force. 312 more words


Anatomy of a Scene: Fight Scene

My Brother’s Keeper features many fight scenes. Here is a rehearsal of one of the opening fights in the film. “Mac” (Jonathan Gaietto) and “Benji”  (Ignacyo Matnyia) attack “Oz,” (Jordan Loewstein) for stealing money from their boss, “Big Brother.” 21 more words

Field Trip

The bright yellow and black school buses hovered behind one another waiting at the Matzo Koen Regional Spaceport. The buses, loaded with students from various high schools, stood by for clearance to unload them for the annual senior class field trip. 6,561 more words