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How to Write a Fight Scene

Epic fight scenes are one of those must-haves for a good portion of modern movies. The inspiring hero music and expertly choreographed stunt moves gets our hearts pounding, and we leave with the feeling that something truly heroic has taken place. 475 more words


How to write a fight scene

How to Write a Fight Scene (in 11 Steps)

 by Christine Frazier

I recently received this e-mail about fight scenes:

Do you have any advice for creating a fight?

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Gorilla Versus Dolphins

Somewhere off the western coast of Africa, a silverback gorilla who has somehow fallen into the water must defend himself against a sadistic pack of bottlenose dolphins. 20 more words


Plotter or Panster? The joy of a fight scene. My writing journey part four

Plotter or Panster? And the joy of a fight scene. My writing journey part four

A bit of a ramble…

Whether you are a plotter minutely breaking down every scene and every emotional twist of the knife… 540 more words


Why So Many Modern Movie Fight Scenes Suck

Action movies can be a lot of fun. There generally isn’t a whole lot of thinking required from the audience and it’s easy to just sit back and be entertained for a few hours. 950 more words


Part 702 - Don't Mess With Raven's Girl

Antioch tensed up as a scalpel of another sort touched his throat.

“She trusts you.” said Raven. “I do not see any reason to honor you with my trust.” 769 more words