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Try Not to Blink While Watching This POV Fight Scene

Don’t blink. This woman delivers a kick, a palm jab, three, successive punches, and a kick in 1.75 seconds. She almost gets another roundhouse kick, which would have been her seventh hit, in before the GIF finishes. 69 more words


Kayla and the Invaders

Kayla’s crystal blue eyes were focused on the pages of the book. She held a pencil in her right hand, the eraser end between her teeth, and her left hand rubbed the side of her neck under her long red hair. 4,358 more words



The Egyptian goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet (left and right respectively) are having a little spar together. Don’t worry, it’s the friendly kind.

Obviously I hatched the idea after watching a clip from The Mummy Returns, which has the two leading Egyptian ladies prize-fighting for the Pharaoh’s entertainment. 148 more words


Characterization in Action

I’m not very good at writing fight scenes. Between my limited understanding of different fighting styles and my desire to keep descriptions fast and simple, all of my fight scenes end up reading almost the same way every time. 517 more words


Fiction Fridays: Project Fox Tail

Project Fox Tail

“I don’t think so,” Brea roundhouse kicks the PIC agent’s head into the stainless steel desk. The blow knocks the agent out cold; his limp body crumpling in a pile on his office floor. 504 more words


Break Out [Part 2]

Security One is the headquarters for all security, enforcement, and control for the planet. The building is home to the world police force, global communications, defense monitoring network, and local enforcement and control. 3,958 more words


Yet More Art!

Here is a detail from This is War!. Everyone’s favorite battle; the one the good guys are winning! Unless you like Tall Ones!