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Act II and III

First Impressions

After reading and watching acts II and III of Romeo and Juliet, I noticed quite a bit happened. First off, act II of  1,078 more words

Romeo And Juliet

Setting the Scene for Action

Writers spend a lot of time thinking about how to craft action scenes. We understand that every decision, every second, and every word counts but often struggle to maintain the all important tension and flow of our action. 1,079 more words


Skin Trade (2014), Tony Jaa and Dolph Lundgren aaaand Michael Jai White deliver a mash-up of gritty hard-R police action and martial arts.

MY CALL:  Three great actions stars in a decent gritty action movie. Not their best, but still more than worth the price of admission!  MOVIES LIKE… 698 more words

John Leavengood

Kill Zone 2 (2015) aka Sha Po Lang 2, Tony Jaa meets his equals in this gritty crime thriller martial arts film.

MY CALL:  So much more brutal, exciting and interesting than the first Kill Zone (2005), and featuring multiple excellent martial artists!  MOVIES LIKE Kill Zone 2… 533 more words

John Leavengood

Fight Scene

We also worked on fight scenes and watched a video from frantic assembly showing us how to effectively and safely by ‘spotting’ (the act of supporting a lift but not being part of it so the bases would gain confidence and get used to lifting the ‘flyer’ (the person in the air))perform lifts also to make them look clean. 41 more words

Physical Theatre