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WATCH: Chris Barnes Arrest Video At Ole Miss vs. LSU Game

During this weekend’s Ole Miss vs. LSU football game, things got a little out of hand on the field and in the stands. Police arrested a man, Chris Barnes, who they thought was involved in an altercation. 314 more words


WATCH: San Marcos Bar Fight Video Ends With Man Punching Woman

The dudes over at TFM just posted a mighty incriminating video of a man in San Marcos, TX absolutely blasting some woman in the face with his fist. 95 more words


WATCH: Eagles vs. Cowboys Knockout Fight Video

Whenever it’s an Eagles vs. Cowboys game, sites like ours start rubbing our hands Birdman-style because we know there are high chances there’s going to be a fan fight video coming out of the weekend. 35 more words


WATCH: Dude Gets Knocked Out On Halloween Over Confederate Flag

Here’s the first fight video from Halloween that we’ve seen that’s good enough to publish. Surprisingly enough, it comes from Salt Lake City and there’s not a Mormon to be found. 143 more words


WATCH: Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger After Kicking Him Out

Driving an Uber in Newport Beach, CA is probably one of the safer areas to be working, but the one thing you’re definitely going to have to deal with out there is drunk dudes asking for rides home. 51 more words


WATCH: William Allen HS Students Attack Police Officers In Massive Fight

Yesterday a fight at William Allen high school in Pennsylvania got way out of hand, and four Allentown police officers were injured. Dozens of teens were arrested. 175 more words


WATCH: Security Footage From Waco Biker Shootout Finally Released

Security footage of video from the Waco biker shootout at Twin Peaks has been released by the Waco Police Department. The video shows the initial fight, the reaction of the biker gangs on the patio, and the guns they drew. 56 more words