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WATCH: PSU Altoona Kid Gets KO'd After Asking "Do You Know Who My Parents Are?"

There are few things more annoying than hearing someone in college say “Do you know who my parents are?” No, I really don’t and I also really don’t care. 172 more words


WATCH: The Most Unfair, Quickest Bouncer Knockout You'll Ever See

Sometimes I see bouncers fighting drunk people and I think to myself “I really hope the bouncer gets it in this one.” Other times, I find myself rooting for the bouncer. 141 more words


The Bills Mafia Are Taking Care of Business In 2016

Last year, the Buffalo Bills fans tailgating at their games earned the nickname Bills Mafia by becoming the rowdiest group of NFL fans to ever walk this earth. 398 more words


WATCH: TXST Pool Party Fight Features Guy Getting Obliterated Real Quick

This past weekend, just a of couple days into school, there was already an off-campus pool party brawl at Texas State University. The brawl happened at Trapstone, a free party at the Village at Telluride houses. 186 more words


WATCH: NASCAR Driver Comes At Rival Like A Spider Monkey In Heated Post-Race Fight

Eveyone loves a NASCAR fight. Two testosterone fueled alpha males who want to show they’re king of the jungle after being stuck in a racecar all day usually provide some solid entertainment.   84 more words


WATCH: Reporter Gets Punched In Face By Woman On Live TV

Iris Delgado, a reporter for Telemundo Philadelphia, was brutally punched in the face on live TV Wednesday. The circumstances of her attack aren’t exactly clear, but we do know that Iris was reporting in front of Philadelphia’s City Hall when an unknown enormous woman in green tried to interrupt the broadcast. 39 more words


WATCH: Justin Bieber Fight Video Outside Cleveland Westin Hotel

Justin Bieber got into a fight outside a Cleveland hotel, the Westin Hotel, last night after Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals. And we don’t mean, like scuffle or anything, we mean full on fight. 114 more words