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WATCH: A Brawl Broke Out Between Parents During Their Kids' Graduation & One Guy Got Tased

Your high school graduation should create memories that will last a lifetime. Usually those memories encompass a happy time before you sell your soul to adulthood. 191 more words


WATCH: Bouncer Knocks Out Man Kicked Out of Bar On Video

If you ever get kicked out of a bar, chances are that you’ll try and do whatever you can to get back inside. We’re not saying you shouldn’t give it the old college try, but don’t offer to take a punch in the head from a bouncer in exchange for re-entry. 94 more words


WATCH: Wife Goes Batsh*t Crazy When She Meets Her Husband's Alleged Mistress

When women find out their man is cheating, things get brutal. Whether you’re the quiet manipulative type that’ll strike when they least expect it, or a straight-up crazy person who throws the first punch without thinking twice about it, revenge will rear its nasty head eventually. 164 more words


WATCH: Anthony Cantu Arrest Video, Ole Miss Student Tased

Anthony Cantu, an Ole Miss student, was attending a party at FoxFire Ranch last weekend when he was tackled and tased by an off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy. 202 more words


WATCH: Fight At South Padre Beach Escalates When Guy Pulls Gun

With all the booze and drugs floating around South Padre Island, fights during Spring Break are probably a dime a dozen. Thankfully this one particular incident involving at least one drunk partier didn’t turn into something worse. 147 more words


Spring Break 2016 Fight Videos: Best Brawls & Knockouts

Spring Break is all about excess, but sometimes the amount of booze, sun, and large crowds of people yelling can turn “fun” into “fugly.” That’s when mob mentality starts taking over and things take a turn for the worse.  385 more words


WATCH: This St. Patrick's Day Fight Turned Into a Massive Brawl Real Quick

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for luck, booze, and apparently, epic brawls.

A recent Facebook video went viral Saturday, after Scranton, Pennsylvania held its annual St. 90 more words