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The Internet Is Going Bananas Over This (Probably Fake) Video Of Ibn Ali Breaking Up A Street Fight

Maybe I’m too woke at this point. Too cynical. The ‘too much internet’ syndrome, as I like to call it. My first reaction when I saw this video this morning was… fake. 459 more words


Turns Out This Chick Dropped That Blonde Girl For Twerking On Her Boyfriend

My initial reaction when I saw this video was that this girl is SCREWED. You don’t go wildly viral for knocking someone out and not  223 more words


Guy In Onesie Vs. Bootleg Ed Sheeran Vs. Fedora-Wearing Woman Makes The Best Fight Video Ever

Most fight videos are like a pitcher that only has one of two good pitches — it gets the job done, but it’ll never blow you away. 382 more words


Spring Break Fight Videos 2017: Best Brawls & Knockouts

As much fun as spring break is for everyone involved, the sad truth is that with so many party animals going wild, and even more liquor flowing, there are going to be more than a couple of fights. 696 more words


Who Doesn't Love A Good Old-Fashioned Coaches Fight? Watch The Missouri and Georgia Coaches Go At It

With the exception of Kentucky and sometimes Florida, SEC basketball is usually pretty meh. But today’s otherwise unimportant game between Georgia and Missouri got some added spice when the team’s coaches nearly came to blows in a heated altercation at the end of the game’s first half. 167 more words


WATCH: WVU Fan Fights Miami Fan In Bathroom Russell Athletic Bowl

The most exciting moment during the Russell Athletic Bowl between WVU and Miami didn’t happen on the field, or even on the sideline–it happened in the bathroom of Camping World Stadium. 210 more words

WATCH: YouTube Prankster Gets Slapped, Goes To Hospital, Now Suing Slapper

As if you didn’t hate YouTube pranksters enough, this news about YouTuber “Mr. Granbomba” is going to make you despise them even more.

Long story short, Mr. 428 more words