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WATCH: Double Knockout Fight Video In Hoboken NJ

Fight videos are a somewhat regular occurrence in the Hoboken bar scene, but it’s a rare occasion that you’ll find a double knockout where both fighters are KO’d simultaneously. 26 more words


WATCH: Eagle Knocks Drone Out Of The Sky In POV Video

Just when we think we’re the top dogs, an eagle shows up to demonstrate who really runs the skies. Just when we start believing we’ve got it alllll figured out, Mother Nature and her army of animals shows up and f*cks it all up. 130 more words


WATCH: Hard Knocks Aired The Big Redskins vs Texans Fight Video

Last night, HBO premiered the 10th season of their original series Hard Knocks, which this season, featured the Houston Texans,  and started off with a bang, as the first episode showed a brawl between the Texans and the Washington Redskins during a joint practice. 231 more words


WATCH: Softball Dads Fight Video Shot In Parking Lot

Softball dad fight videos aren’t something that we see often, so naturally we’re left wanting more.

Everyone knew little league fathers were the worst–short, fat dudes who take their children’s athletic prowess way too seriously–but we had no idea the stereotypes crossed over to softball too. 44 more words


WATCH: Fight Breaks Out in Popeyes, Chairs Start Flying

When it comes to fried chicken, people go HAM, like these upstanding folks who got into a crazy fight at a Popeyes over the weekend. Why? 83 more words


WATCH: Man Gets Knocked Out When He Brings Confederate Flag To 4th of July Party

4th of July fights and brawls are unavoidable, but at least one man and woman could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by leaving their Confederate Flag at home. 42 more words


WATCH: Memorial Day 2015 Fight Videos Compilation

Memorial Day Weekend is meant to be a time to remember all the troops who put their lives on the line for the United States of America, but instead it’s become just another party weekend at the front end of Summer. 128 more words