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For the Women's March

Written a long, long time ago when I first began to really understand middle class, straight, white privilege, and finding that some people assumed that because of that privilege I didn’t have the right to fight. 107 more words



Yesterday I refused to acknowledge the truth of what was happening to my country.  I went to the gym as usual, refusing to watch the morning news shows.   774 more words


Warning: This Post Is Graphic !

The last time I checked, any stool that comes out of the human body is usually extremely stink and jam-packed with bacteria! So when I read this week the bizarre news of a man who was detained at an airport and subsequently taken to a hospital where he expelled from his anus more than ten pellets filled with cocaine it once again hit me that drug addiction and drug trafficking are so distinctly horrible that the pain of these practices were as if someone were to pull out your 32 teeth in 32 minutes with no anesthesia!

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'Demolestation'- Making The Streets Safe...

December 31, 2016…It was new year’s eve everyone at the Brigade road was celebrating new year…And then it happened…An episode which ruined all the fun…An incident by which December 31 can be reviewed as a black day in Indian history for years…An incident which debilitated dignity of 48.16% population of India…Mass molestation in Bengaluru was just a beginning and we can say that as it has happened once …Sociopaths in our country will try to do it again and again…To settle this issue ..We first need to understand why this has happened in the first place? 1,006 more words

Make A Difference

Top 5 Tipps to not let your argument degenerate into a huge fight

No matter how much you love each other or how happy you are, at some point in your relationship you end up being in an argument with your partner. 445 more words

Mental Health

As Trump enters White House, California renews climate change fight

By Rory Carroll SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California released new measures to fight climate change within minutes of Donald Trump being sworn in as U.S. president on Friday,…


All The King's Horses

I knock the ice from my bones

Try not to feel the cold

Caught in that thought of time

When everything was fine, everything was mine… 203 more words