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Do I fight

Do I fight or do I run? It is not cowardice to cry; it is not bravery to lose foresight.



A call out

A summons to engage

A contest of skill

Of strength

By its very nature

This serves as the battle call

A special effort put forth… 59 more words

Dicky J Loweman

A day in Delhi Metro

The very life line of my city
They call it boom and I call it pity
Not that I don’t like to travel
But metro is more like a mystery to unravel… 163 more words


ROAD TO ULTRON 2 of 6: Top Five Fight Scenes in the MCU

The Age of Ultron is getting closer and closer and it’s going to be the Avengers toughest fight yet. From the trailers we can see it’ll be jam packed with awesome fight scenes but for now let’s reminisce the top five fight scenes the MCU currently has to offer (in my opinion). 765 more words


As a Judgment

The landscape is our paradise now and in that paradise, one must look for beauties to practice and ways to entertain themselves into oblivion. A piece of the sky is sometimes enough for the ones who look for vastness, a piece of the earth has all the qualities of those ready for adventures, a piece of the sea creates a sense of fragility in those who do wish to feel ultimate terrors and situations. 371 more words

Short Story

Video: Police Officers Fight Over Bribe Money

Two Nigerian Policemen who have no respect for the Police uniform were caught on camera fighting over who is to have the bigger share of some “bribe money” they had collected. 19 more words


The Gift // 4

I drove today guys. It was just to my neighborhood park, but it was the first time I have driven alone in a car in almost half of a year. 441 more words