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Two Dallas Men Fight Over Hoes [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Special K reports news about two men whose argument escalated to gunfire! Listen to the audio player to hear exactly what went down in this funny exclusive audio from “ 115 more words

The Show

Romanesco (Micro-fiction)

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean by that? You made it!”

“I stole the idea, okay?”

“From whom?!”

“From you.”

“Hah. I knew it.” 117 more words


'Are They Going To Kill Me?:' Trump Supporter Talks About Being Injured During Melee

COSTA MESA  (CBLA.com) A political blogger who was injured during an anti-Trump rally in Orange County Thursday spoke out today about the unruly mob.

Cole Bartiromo of Mission Viejo  is also a Trump supporter. 239 more words


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Scars of strength

Nobody who has braved and fought a battle comes away unscarred, even those who are victorious and especially those who have fallen. But our scars are not a mark of shame but a mark of strength, whether victorious or fallen. 39 more words

April 2016 Update

Due to personal reasons I have not been able to be as active with this blog, and for that I do apologize.  But I think that 2016 is the year to pick it back up. 236 more words


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