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Conversations with a Gemini

I don’t accept it!

Fine – kid yourself

How long do you think you can keep this up for?

As long as it takes…why?

You’ll die before you realise the truth y’know…

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Kait King Author


I think of you: breathing kindness into every room you enter, with your quiet presence and anxious thoughts, loving everything wholeheartedly and shamelessly. I think of him: standing tall and loud, speaking in bullets but never considering the exit wound. 95 more words

Never mind. 

I was going to write a whole post. Then I decided I’m just too tired. Of all of it. That text was the frosting on top of the most tired cake there is. 277 more words


My scars are my story

they tell the tale of all the battles I have fought within my mind

they show the choices I have made… 143 more words

Hope for Healing

Rarely does life make sense.

It’s a constant roller coaster of mountains, valleys and the plateaus in between. We often seem to be caught between navigating the highs and lows while fighting against the grain of the mundane. 353 more words


Fight Or Flight Symptoms Running Amok Since Therapy Session, Now I'm Scared I Will Ruin Therapy

My therapy session on Friday stirred up symptoms on purpose around processing a particular traumatic event when I was 16. Most of the time this type of therapy leaves me with huge symptom reduction. 80 more words