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“Μετά την ήττα των εξτρεμιστικών δυνάμεων όπως η ISIS, έχουν αρχίσει να ξετυλίγονται συνωμοτικά σχέδια. Η τελευταία επέμβαση της Τουρκίας στο συριακό έδαφος, στην πόλη Jarablus, αποτελεί συνέχεια της παλιάς/νέας αυτοκρατορικής πολιτικής της. 8 more words


Fight, fight, fight! 

Do you all remember going to your high school football game or basketball game and hearing the fight song? Yeah, I need that. Let me tell you what I ate so far and how I failed miserably: 233 more words

Blood Sugar

No busques una persona que huya contigo, busca alguien que sea capaz de luchar las batallas junto a ti. Busca valentía de corazón —

Do not look for someone who wants to run away with you, look for someone who is able to fight battles with you, side by side. Look for courage —


Sky Is Falling 

This blab is about the attitude to Fight or Flee during danger.

A rabbit heard a loud thunder ⚡ and concluded that the Sky is going to fall. 292 more words


2 Injured In Shooting Outside Of Frisco Bar

An argument outside a Frisco bar lead to gunshots Sunday night. It happened outside Woody’s Sports Restaurant on Main Street in Old Downtown Frisco.

When police arrived they found a man with two gunshot wounds, and another person with a head wound. 16 more words


Why don't you tell me the good news first?

They drew blood and made me sit in a cold ass room for a couple hours wearing a paper thin gown. A young guy comes in to deliver the “good news.” The good news was that if I lost 5% of my body weight I may actually stop the progress of my liver going to shit and if I lost 50% of my body weight I can maybe reverse some of the damage and possibly avoid shooting up insulin.. 297 more words

Blood Sugar