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Meatball - Line-up - Angle of Attack.

Ever wonder what Navy fighter jet pilots are thinking as they approach an aircraft carrier for landing?

Well, wonder no more — here is what they’re thinking about in all its glory: 185 more words

Fighter Pilot

Nothing close to Sukhoi F 50

Hands Down, Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 is the most advanced fighter jet ever seen by the world. cheers to Russia for that, Now I tell you why there isn’t any fighter jet as close to this mighty beast. 1,014 more words

Different kind of wings today

Call-sign Thunder Buddy. Seriously. Now that’s funny

Don’t know my fighter jets, might be a F18?

I like the squiggly contrail forming off the wingtip. 9 more words

Photo A Day


Image Credit: UPMC/University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences

All Jan Sheuermann wanted to do was feed herself some chocolate. She ended up piloting the world’s most expensive fighter jet. 623 more words


Fighter Pilots Having Fun Passing Food Inside Jet

I had no idea it was so tight inside a fighter jet cockpit, but you can’t move. At all.

How do two buddies share their Snickers bar? 12 more words


Plane elements in Tactical Surface Fighters; YF-23

I decided to go with YF-23 instead of Su-47 Berkut, because this way I can keep things tied together slightly better.

There’s some points of interest with the YF-23. 560 more words


Su-25: Old warrior is future of Russian attack aviation

March 2, 2015 Vadim Matveev

Forty years ago, an attack aircraft Su-25 (GrachRook) took off from an airfield in Moscow suburb Kubinka for its maiden flight. 580 more words