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Advanced sonar used in hunt for Avro Arrow models at bottom of Lake Ontario

Margaret Long made the drive from Paris, Ont., to check out the exploration on the shores of Lake Ontario. Her grandfather worked on the Avro Arrow program. 364 more words


Russia's Su-35 Fighter Jet Demoralizes US Pilots Flying McCain's F-35 Dumbed Down Flying Bathtub

Russia’s SU-35 Fighter Interceptor Jet

In the USA, pilots are not allowed to watch videos of Su-35 demonstration flights at MAKS-2017 international air show. Allegedly, the videos of the… 2,041 more words


Gerald R. Ford Flight Tests

Navy crew members listen as Lt. CMDR. Jamie “Coach” Struck, center, shares his experiences after successful flight tests on the USS Gerald R. Ford. Last week Struck made the first arrested landing and first launch piloting a F/A-18 Super Hornet for the first time at sea. 53 more words

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Text, Blogs and Rock 'n Roll

What happens when creativity stops? When your mind pulls off the highway and into a back alley. When your imagination takes a turn off of that exquisite country road, and pulls into the Heartbreak Hotel. 571 more words

Data, Creativity, and Fighter Jets: A Tale Of Two Podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts—they are the only thing in life that makes sitting in traffic feel like a productive activity.

Neither of the episodes I’m about to discuss are ostensibly about UX—one is about business to business (B2B) marketing and one is about the weird science of averages pioneered by a Belgian astronomer in the 1820s. 1,002 more words


Heads-Up Display Turns Car Into Fighter Jet

While most of us will never set foot in a fighter jet, some of us can still try to get as close as possible. One of the most eye-catching features of a fighter jet (at least from the pilot’s point-of-view) is the heads-up display, so that’s exactly what decided to build into his car to give it that touch of fighter jet style. 46 more words

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10 Unexpected Reasons why we absolutely love Hualien

Imagine arriving in a new country for the first time and getting such a fantastic feeling that you just can’t stop smiling.

We are totally smitten within 5 hours of landing. 505 more words

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