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How To Steal A Jet Fighter

I won’t bore you with the details, long story short; I successfully boarded the aircraft carrier. I managed to climb my way onto the deck of the aircraft carrier, keeping my head low to check that no one’s there, nobody in sight. 154 more words

Short Story

Pentagon official casts more doubt on Harper's dire F-35 industry warning

OTTAWA – More questions have been raised about how much the Canadian aerospace industry would suffer if a future government drops out of the oft-maligned F-35 stealth fighter program. 554 more words


Navy jet fighter crashes in California; pilot ejected safely

A plane crashed near a Central
California military base but not before authorities say the pilot ejected in midair and safely parachuted to the ground. 138 more words

Transportation | F-18

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By NeilKanHai

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Russia Puts Boots on the Ground in Syria

Russian fighter pilots are expected to begin arriving in Syria in the coming days, and will fly their Russian air force fighter jets and attack helicopters against ISIS and rebel-aligned targets within the failing state. 236 more words


Transportation | The last of many

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This is one of the last three Mirage F1CT’s on the platform at Mont de Marsan in 2012. 16 more words