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Behind the Scenes with Bellator Fighter, AJ Matthews

We headed down to San Diego to shadow a strength and conditioning session with Bellator fighter, AJ Matthews. Coach Rob Wessels walks us through a few tips, what AJs doing now and why.

Supramaximal Training with UFC fighter Arnold Allen

Supramaximal training is one of toughest methods out there, using numbers in excess of your 1 rep max always put fear into the heart of the seasoned lifter and athlete a like. 18 more words

It's not over til the fat lady sings, and I haven't sang yet.

Hi guys! It’s been a while. For those of you that’s emailed me worrying about where I’ve been – I’m so sorry. I genuinely didn’t think I’d be missed not to sound like an emo-deep-drama-puddin’ but it’s the truth. 192 more words

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He shimmered turquoise,
With an iridescent white,
Scales glistening, fins flaring,
Like an array of starlight.

From a small half-foot deep bowl
To one o’er a foot in height, 70 more words

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World cup legends

Hey guys ;)

Today is tuesday and the second day of the week we have all been waiting for! On thursday, Russia will play Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the World cup 2018 – how exited are you? 192 more words