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Recurring Story: Thirty-One

“Your assignment,” Mr. Gil spoke gruffly, from the corner of his mouth, “Is on page niner niner, section bravo.” His large, rounded rectangle glasses reflected the overhead portable classroom’s lighting. 341 more words

Serial Story

Fight Quality Film Review – My Name is Lenny (2017)

In the brutal, blood splattered and uncompromising world of bare knuckle boxing, Lenny Mclean is a figure apart. 142 more words


Copycat: d10 Benefits for LotFP Fighters

Justin Stewart has released a D10 Fighter Advancement Table for LotFP on his blog . I like the idea of giving a fighter a bit more options than just „+1 to attack“, although this already is a mighty and powerful benefit. 387 more words


Review: Alpha Fighter by Ava Ashley

Series: The Alpha Fighter, #1


My review (amazon link)

Savannah is out of cash and responds to and ad for a roommate. She was spoiled but knew how to work. 200 more words

Book Review

dragonborn fighter

hot-headed dragonborn fighter from the smallest mountain in the world who lost their sense of smell in a bar fight

Araxas woke in the alley behind the Naga’s Eggs. 228 more words


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger!

LIFE! Just these four letters sum up your whole journey on earth. Today i’ll share my thoughts on human strengths that become the greatest weakness or weaknesses that build the greatest strengths. 809 more words