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Street Fighter V Player Reaches Top Rank Thanks To Hacks

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Street Fighter V player BEST_KOREA holds the number one spot in the game’s ranked mode despite not being all that great. In fact, the player recently served as a punching bag for the world renowned Daigo Umehara. 304 more words


After a 3am stream of Kabuki Quantum Fighter, I finally get “speedrunning”

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The industry of people watching other people play video games is serious bucks—and for many people, it’s still seriously confusing. Game-streaming has become a pop-culture line dividing one generation from the next. 1,709 more words



Nights had been colder than the one I sit now in,

The darkness did prevail, but it was not within,

Chilled to the bones, but there is a fire inside… 150 more words


CAN I...? 

​Can I smile…??
As big as river Nile…??

No I cannot..
Just coz its too deep and my tears are already bought…

Can I run…??

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The Fighter Inside

All my life I had people say nasty things about my temperament. How it will bring me down… How I will never be successful because of it… How I will be alone… First of all, none of their doomsday predictions have come true. 228 more words

From My Heart

Thinking Is Harmless. Or Maybe Not?

Thinking is completely harmless. It’s just something we do everyday. There can’t be anything bad about thinking because in the end thoughts are just that. They aren’t physically harming you or making you unhealthy. 530 more words