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The Greatest Mma Fighters Of All Time

Nowadays, when people talk about the greatest MMA fighters of all-time, names like Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, and Demetrious Johnson always come up. However, with their legacies still being written, there are some who have been in the sport for much longer, carving out special records. 273 more words


10 Squats for Fighters and Grapplers

We’ve organized 10 of our favorite squats for fighters and grapplers. Perfect for mma, bjj, wrestling, boxing and other combat athletes

Exercises for Fighters: Zercher Squat

Zercher Squats have been apart of my training programs for years to help initiate sport specific performance. When utilized in the right order, it can benefit all fighters by increasing strength through proper biomechanical loading while being a safe alternative to the regular back squat.

Exercises for Fighters: Single Arm Row

Single arm row exercises for fighters. We’ve discussed the importance of pulling strength a lot. Whether you are a grappler or fighter, developing pulling strength is essential for any combat athlete.

Tabletop Tales: The Story of Arsène Vulpin

I thought it would be rather rude of me to not contribute something to the RPG Blog Carnival which I’m hosting for the month of July. 2,269 more words

5 amazing people fighting to save the oceans

The ocean supplies more than half of the oxygen we breathe, at least one-ninth of global livelihoods and a carbon absorption system that has thus far regulated climate change. 724 more words

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