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Surviving Battles.

You won’t always have someone by your side, you wont always be happy, there’ll be days when you’ll feel like locking yourself up in a room and sitting all alone, there’ll be days when you’ll feel so dark that even stars can’t give you their light, there’ll be days when you’ll cry without a reason, there’s be the days when you’ll have to fake a smile and pretend you’re happy., Life is not always easy and it’s OK. 58 more words


The Announcement

I had planned to write this more elaborately, however, having contemplated the idea again, I find a simpler method would be more poignant. I understand this might not mean much to most people; you, as readers, may take this to be another starry eyed promise of pipe dreams, and in my case you would have understandable reason to believe it. 590 more words


Fighting Demons

I’ve always enjoyed television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Grimm, in part, because the monsters are real.

Usually, I deal with demons like low self worth, feelings of failure, and fear. 170 more words