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How to deal with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are terrible illnesses to go through (and they are mental illnesses, not something people can just get on with). 1,019 more words


Bitter Tea Of The Days Of Youth

A soldier’s cap, maybe a SWAT cop, but on a slim

little elf of a Canadian Liberal, in Jackson Pollock

sweat shirt and ripped black jeans, de rigueur Converse… 176 more words


Know that I am God | Dream Experience 1

Introduction To The Dark One

Ever since I was 13, which was a time in my life my relationship with Christ drastically changed (check out   1,533 more words

Relationship With Christ

The First Diary Log in a Long Time

I started to write again daily logs a few weeks ago as an attempt to make myself write when I am not in the mood to write creatively. 1,827 more words


Life... But not as we know it Jim!

Tuesday 27th September… Earth year 2016

I started these ‘starship’ blogs as I was in the pursuit of knowledge and answers to problems which I had encountered in my life but writing them I realise that that the answer I was looking for was more obvious than I thought.  768 more words


9/11 Why, Why, Why?

I was born a Sikh, attended a Roman Catholic school and have made friends of many faiths. I have an absolute faith in God, sense of purpose and appreciate my journey and fete as Maharaj (God) intends.   666 more words


Alcohol... My Kryptonite

During the past 6 months I have had a lot of time to think and draw conclusions of my life so far. The one which is more and more transparent is that every mistake I have made has been the result of alcohol. 629 more words

Mental Illness