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Inside Your Head

How do you run from the demons inside your head? It is a question plagued me for years. I was stuck in trying to answer this seemingly unanswerable question to know avail. 1,528 more words

Demons In Your Head

Saint Rose

Saint Rose, thin and sharp as wire,

the shaved head of a penitent,

dark green eyes staring the demon down.

Petite body made hard and angular, 258 more words


Sleepy Android Face

She had a sleepy android face,

forlorn of a world more fists

that spirits, more blade than halo.

Her long dark hair was straight,

and the barest protection from… 167 more words


Lake June

Cara shivered in the dark lake, the very end of summer,

maybe already to cold to be out in the water, and with

the sun gone under, just a low, raw red on the horizon. 323 more words


I Must

I must keep growing, because I need to reach the heights my soul desires.

I must keep learning, because I still have so much to learn about me. 97 more words


Saints Walk In The Dark

She was thin and strong and made no concessions to beauty.

She had the buzzed head of a saint. The distant, sad eyes.

An old, olive green army jacket that was too big for her, 195 more words


I could have faded away

leaving this world, who would have cared?

I could have strayed

However, I fought tooth and nail

and I chose to stay… 47 more words

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