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Lovely Colours Come In All Forms

Whilst my usual colour inspiration comes from my flower garden, this week’s colours are coming from the newest addition to my family! Albus’ beautiful colours continue to entrance me no matter how fussy he is!

Siamese fighting fish

Many years ago I got two fighting fish and kept them in the same aquarium, for a long time I had no idea why they were always ‘attacking’ on each other. 46 more words


Inktober Day 29: Beta Fish

This weekend was very busy, but I still managed to do a few art cards for Inktober!  These two little betas were fairly quick – and I’m quite pleased with how their fins and tails came out. 56 more words


Successful treatment of dropsy for betta fish

I have decided to write this blog for anyone who has a betta fish that comes down with dropsy.

My two year old betta, little Bob, has had severe dropsy symptoms for weeks now. 311 more words


Slow or Fast Action: Which Fly Rod is Best?

Fly rods are tools, and like any tool, the basic design can be tweaked for a desired outcome.  What does a fly rod do?  It stores energy, translating potential energy into kinetic energy with each stroke, then recapturing that energy before sending it rebounding again.  760 more words

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