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Siamese fighting fish

Many years ago I got two fighting fish and kept them in the same aquarium, for a long time I had no idea why they were always ‘attacking’ on each other. 46 more words


Inktober Day 29: Beta Fish

This weekend was very busy, but I still managed to do a few art cards for Inktober!  These two little betas were fairly quick – and I’m quite pleased with how their fins and tails came out. 56 more words


Successful treatment of dropsy for betta fish

I have decided to write this blog for anyone who has a betta fish that comes down with dropsy.

My two year old betta, little Bob, has had severe dropsy symptoms for weeks now. 311 more words


Slow or Fast Action: Which Fly Rod is Best?

Fly rods are tools, and like any tool, the basic design can be tweaked for a desired outcome.  What does a fly rod do?  It stores energy, translating potential energy into kinetic energy with each stroke, then recapturing that energy before sending it rebounding again.  760 more words

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