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To Be Angry Was Beautiful

One of the very popular and cheap hobbies of our childhood days was the rearing of fighting fish. We could not afford any aquarium, so the next best thing was a big jam bottle to keep these fishes – one only in each. 71 more words


Cute Fish Tank Set-up

There is only so much you’re allowed to do decoration-wise in an apartment. And having pets in one? Forget it. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a few rent-friendly ways to add colour and personal touches to the apartment. 942 more words


Fighting Fish

Fighting fish or locally known in Malaysia as ‘ikan laga or ikan pelaga‘ can be found in still/standing waters of canals, paddy fields and swamp area. 45 more words


meet bruce

I am the proud new owner of a black, blue, green and red (it sounds like I’m describing a bruise, I know. Bruise, Bruce…hahahaha. Haha.) Siamese Fighting Fish called Bruce. 197 more words


The "Betta" life

I recently got an aquatic friend for my birthday. It’s a blue betta or Siamese fighting fish which I’m strangely attached to.

Honestly, before getting one I didn’t  think much of fishes but now I’ve become quite the enthusiast. 1,118 more words


the weekend project : fishbowl friends

It has been a long time since I’ve penned anything here and I’m kinda missing it. However, the past month has been a whirlwind of events with family coming to visit. 864 more words