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4 Ways to Fight Writer's Block--Especially When Writing Pays Your Bills

I’ll be honest. I’ve felt completely drained of any words lately. It’s a melodramatic thing to say, I know, but it’s the best way I can describe how I’ve been feeling. 754 more words

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How to Tap into Your Inner Compost

I was turning my compost pile the other day (something I do far too infrequently), when out rolled a little present – a tiny acorn squash about the size of a baseball! 509 more words

Writing Process

Over the last few days, I developed a blog post for a fellow writer’s blog. I spent more time on it than I do for my own blog, which is funny to me, but I wanted to make sure it was appropriate for her audience and essentially didn’t let her down. 931 more words

Fighting Writer's Block

Horror in fifty words or less? Reddit posted terrifying two-liners. Twitter thrashed that with frights in five words. Writers slay the challenge with a paralyzing pair of words – Blank Page. 729 more words

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