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How My Children Fight

I recently found myself breaking up the 913th argument of the day between my two daughters that involved name-calling, muttering insults under their breath, and then screaming the ugliest things they could think of at each other. 1,099 more words

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‘Reconciliation’ comes from re-and concilium; concilium, which is an assembly or meeting, has something like ‘calling together’ as its root meaning. But the Latin word for ‘eyelashes’ is ‘cilia’, so you could also pretend that the word should be divided as re-con-cilia-[a]tion.

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Things Only We Know

I once knew a girl who was in love with fake flowers

Who could stand in front of the mirror;

Hours upon hours… 128 more words

Virtually Marching

I’m not going to the march tomorrow – but I wish that I was.

I’m not going because I’m overwhelmed. I couldn’t fathom figuring out how to get to DC, back from DC, somewhere to sleep, figure out Shabbat plans and everything else that needed to be done. 733 more words


By the Sword

your words


gashes deep in my

heart and


those who live

by the sword


by the sword

our tongue

is the deadliest sword… 7 more words


full disclosure

I feel like for about a year now I’ve been playing paper basketball with a trashcan of excuses and drafted letters. Words have always come easier for me on paper, but I’ve been loading my notebooks with meaningless lists and scribbles built on avoidance. 485 more words


Get Off the Traffic!

It happened one day that a child was fighting with someone that was defeating him already. His dad who’s a professional wrestler said, haven’t I told you to always call me when someone dares to fight with you? 436 more words

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