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*This is entirely a random thought I had while drinking a cup of tea one day*

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the Civil Act took more than one march, Women to vote took more than one suffragette meeting. 19 more words

Funny Fact Friday

It isn't just a glass of wine.

The thing I think I hate the most is that I’m always going to be a recovering alcoholic. This disease is not curable- it’s only treatable. 1,129 more words

To Survive a Bear Trap

Nothing hurts like betrayal does.

Maybe it’s because I’m selective. It seems crazy to me, but there are people who trust you right off the bat. 2,256 more words

Short Story

War zone Uterus

There is nothing more gut wrenching then seeing your beautiful 5 month old nephew smiling his big goofy smile, when you are fighting infertility.

I love all my nieces and nephews, they are my moon and stars. 450 more words

A week in the life of me #3

So guys, my new slot for a Thursday! Work last Friday got a little mental. I say a bit, a lot! Picture two mountain’s with heads and a midget trying to stop them collieding, i.e me. 403 more words


The Beginning of Something Wonderful

Today classes start. I’m moved in, unpacked, definitely not organized, and incredibly sore.

My prayer for this semester:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed by thy name.

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About Me

Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

In this episode:

Beau thinks Jay is a like a janitor at MIT; Jay talks about growing up ugly, and the one time he was innocent; a discussion about the jiu-jitsu tournament with strikes idea brought up in the previous episode; how the internet has changed a fighter’s approach to their next opponent; the time Mandy set a fight for herself, and the purpose of managers, and performance anxiety. 23 more words