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Sacrifice: the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone… 141 more words

Sweet & Sour Thoughts

Body update

Through several years of inactivity I’d acquired “Dad bod,” as I like to call it, recently I’d restarted my fitness and martial arts endevors (A few months now) and am pleased to give this update. 153 more words

Automated Weapons

she used words as bullets

when she felt weak or powerless

as she fired one insult in rapid succession

following another

watching him cringe

as if struck in slow motion… 90 more words


Summer....The Break from School

I haven’t written in quite some time.  My reason, quite simply, is it is summer.  Not just the season, but rather, the break from school.  Eleven year old Coco and seven year old Lou consume my days over summer break.   490 more words


War Is Constant

When the victim is backed up against the wall you’ll see their strongest effort. When the oppressed strikes back the most powerful blow will be felt. 226 more words

99 Til' News

A better way

Would the fight continue?

What an ugly war it’ll be

Actually, the war has already begun.

It’s been going on for centuries

The difference is that the blood has been invisible. 106 more words


It Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant!

Lindsay Lohan was all over the news this weekend when she got into a huge fight with her fiancé. She claimed he cheated on her with a Russian hooker, and stayed out all night at the club. 129 more words