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The good points of social anxiety

On the very first page of Charles Rycroft’s Anxiety and Neurosis, he mentions that “[a]nxiety is such a common experience that one would be disinclined to believe anyone who claimed to be immune to it.” And in this age of advanced technology and unremitting faddism, one may well swap in “social anxiety” to account for the perplexing spike in this generation’s self-conscious feelings of ineptitude, failure, and embarrassment, when tasked with confronting social situations. 1,409 more words


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Begone evil one! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Say no to A.D.D. Fighters


Sakyubasu No Tatakai II [Updated]

Inhabited by the Swarm, the Shadow Forest is Now the Present realm of Envy. As the crossroads to western alnds, it holds great strategic value. There are a good deal of magic creatures and legendary heroes willing to find all of thsi territory recources. 102 more words

Dream Journal 6/18/18 | The ATM

I was in the car with my mom, and she was talking about how all of her bank accounts had been frozen. 511 more words


Tulungan Ang Sarili

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Iniisip mo naman siya

Kala mo mahal ka niya.

Tama na!

Tumigil ka na!

Maawa sa sarili

‘Di ikaw ang pinili… 38 more words

FIlipino Poems

The Real World

The Real World? The Real World? The real world is heartburn, and unpaid bills, and laundry, and oil changes, and voting, and jock itch, and dead relatives and sick kids. 47 more words


Fighting Practice 6/14 & 6/18

Last Thursday’s practice was pretty small, just me Dante and Sabrina. I worked mainly with the targe, and since Dante was rockin’ the greatsword all night I ended up taking a beating. 661 more words

SCA Adventures