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This Choir Went Up On Stage, When The Music Started They Did THIS Which Left 2 Judges Fighting Over! Must Watch!

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Not many people are fans of a Christian choir. However, a certain group called 100 Voices of Gospel changed the way they see choirs. 19 more words

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One to Watch; Kill The King

My attention was recently brought to Kill The King, a new board game in the making, hailing from Norway (so you know it’s going to be good right?!) Kill The King is a strategic tabletop for two players. 175 more words


How to Properly Condition the Body for Combat

If you watch a lot of MMA or go to an MMA oriented martial arts school, then you have probably been exposed to the training methods of a lot of MMA conditioning coaches. 283 more words


Fight the Patriarchy, Literally

One of the main control mechanisms of oppressive systems is fear. A key example of this is rape culture. The patriarchy oppresses women by making them fear violence and victimization. 932 more words

Twice and more than that in a lifetime.

I was 19.

A college student doing well and excelling.

Surrounded by other women and men, sexually driven. I stand as the only one who doesn’t get the hype. 716 more words

Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram Demand For 6 Months Unpaid Allowances

Nigerian soldiers, including those fighting boko haram insurgency in the north east, say they have not been paid their peace keeping and daily operational allowances for six months. 122 more words