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The battle is begin

After about a full week intensive preparation.. and here we are now. Axana hotel. The lady on the blue scarf, the star of my life, queque inbthe enterence of the ielts test venue. 31 more words


This Weekend, Only On PPV.

Here we fucking go. Just when we thought politics couldn’t be any more heated, we are on the eve of a street fight in front of the White House. 495 more words



Sometimes when you’re talking it edges on dangerous.

Like you’re remembering something sordid and terrifying and it stains the way you speak.

You grit your teeth as if too much comes out you’ll have to fight for your right to exist. 20 more words



As an introvert after a long day of work, I want to stay curled up on my couch with a good book, maybe bake, maybe watch Netflix, perhaps light a candle. 512 more words



It’s amazing that when it comes to relationships, people don’t know what their deal breakers are. Most people know exactly what they want when it comes to relationships, we pay attention to the deal makers on our list but forget or pay less attention to the deal breakers. 266 more words