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July 3rd - Stichomythia

Stichomythia – n: dialogue especially of altercation or dispute delivered by two actors in alternating lines (as in classical Greek drama)

“Enough with the stichomythia!” Bradley wedged himself between his feuding best friends. 26 more words

365 Words Challenge

Monday (part 1)

Once again, Lora woke up Jon early, to fight with him some more. Before she left for work. At one point, I heard him say “Lora, you HAVE to stop this. 969 more words

Personal Polyamory


Jon worked all day so our communication was all through text.

Before Jon went to work, Lora woke him up a few hours early, to pick up their fight where they had left off. 1,029 more words

Personal Polyamory


Lora decided to take Saturday. Saturday was the second day in over a month that Jon and I both had off (He has had off at least one – if not both – days Lora has off each week for the past month+). 907 more words

Personal Polyamory

Muhammad Ali On Conserving Energy

It was something Archie Moore used to do. Archie was a smart fighter. He fought till he was as old as I am now, and he did it by conserving energy. 8 more words


Episode Eight

The Color Of Sunrise

Niander’s body wakes up a whole minute before his mind is fully aware of his surroundings. The wounds that easily healed themselves last night are now moaning. 3,284 more words



its great being back 100% im in such a positive mood and rolling regularly it’s great

When something gets taken away you realise how much apart of your life it really is… 59 more words