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MMA: The Evolution of Fighting to a Driving Force

The crunching of bones; the ripples of battered flesh and the streams of blood. That certainly doesn’t sound like a pleasant description, and it isn’t, even slightly. 846 more words


Enforcers: How the Role Has Changed In the Modern NHL

Bob Probert. Stu Grimson. Tie Domi. The first thing one may be thinking is why are these names significant? Yes, all three were hockey players, and yes they no longer play. 530 more words


The Beginning.

Amelia Save Me. This line seems simple enough, a proper noun, a verb, a pronoun. But to me, it means so much more. I would say I am a pretty intense Grey’s Anatomy fan. 307 more words

Amelia Save Me

Black Friday Fight: Woman Ripping Vegetable Steamer from Child's Hands is Disturbing, Possibly Fake

Black Friday fights are already cropping up on YouTube, proving that America’s tradition of senselessly brawling at an ungodly hour is unshakable. One that is getting plenty of attention features an adult woman ripping a vegetable steamer out of the hands of a child and then receiving a beating from the youngster’s mother. 170 more words


The World Is Coming Apart At The Seams….Are You Ready To Fight For Your Survival?

If you take a look at the world…NO, a good HARD look, it is clear that in the next few years civilization as we know it will probably come to an end.   573 more words


D-596 Lee Donghae 🐟👮

596 días faltan para tu regreso ♡

Te extraño ♡

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Saint Seiya

The 12 Gold Saints are coming back to burn their cosmos with outstanding graphics, solid gameplay, characters from the whole series… and so much more to discover! 9 more words