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Sticks and Stones

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’

Many of us may remember this adage from childhood. It most likely was our first response to bullies or harsh words. 436 more words

Trishana Jackson

Tiny Game Review – ARMS

Score: 2/5

+ Cool, colorful character designs
+ Funky music!

– Very little content
– Repetitive gameplay
– Unlocking new arms for fighters takes foooorever… 32 more words


Knowing It Is Back Makes It Harder To Know What Happens This Time.

I felt it again today. The pull. You know, when your thoughts get pulled into a missile proff cage and you can’t get it open. You can’t stop the way your thoughts take over. 231 more words


Another American Volunteer Killed Fighting ISIS Spotlights U.S.-to-Syria Pipeline


At least three American volunteers have died fighting with U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in Syria this month, relatives and the Kurdish militias say, shining a spotlight on a little-known underground pipeline of U.S. 742 more words

Daily News


Nails bit into my hands

As I clench my fists

Aching to defend myself

Whether it be with words or not

I do not know

-Kel Dayheart

Target: Renegade

I never thought that I would play a game worse than Renegade. And appropriately enough it’s the sequel. Target: Renegade on the NES has to be the worst beat ’em game ever made. 557 more words

Beat 'Em Up Retrospective

90 Day Challenge: I'm Struggling

I’ve been noticeably absent. I have been having a very tough time the last few weeks. It has been quite dark and stressful.

I am now back home and as much as I love my family, I was dreading coming home because I don’t want to be around people right now. 685 more words