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Strong Side Forward

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “putting your best foot forward” when people are talking about job interviews, sales pitches, or things of that nature. 300 more words


Grow Up

Getting older and growing up are to completely different things. Getting older is getting taller and growing pains. It’s bleeding and shaving and meeting new people.Getting older is having fun and learning and making mistakes. 135 more words



Artist: Unknown

I’m not a fighter, but in my mind I’m fighting every day. ‘What’s new? What am I doing?’ I’m fighting myself. My soul is samurai. 11 more words


A Time for Fighting

If I kill a pedestrian with my car while obeying all laws and cooperating with law enforcement, I am unlikely to be charged with a crime. 1,096 more words

Being Human

The Fight

Some days, you feel like you’re in hell. Some days you even feel like hell would be a welcome vacation from where you’re at. And as cliche as it might sound, you really only have two choices: You can stay there, getting your ass kicked from here to breakfast or you can stand up and fight. 671 more words


Keep it current

Some good advice: When arguing with one another, avoid old history. Never bring up old history when you are angry. If the issue is over 48 hours old, let it go!