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Why do we fight?

I’m not asking what we fight about, but rather why humanity fights.

Fighting comes in all sorts of forms and it seems to be a constant throughout human history.  928 more words


Do you have the Midnight Blues? Part 1

When you are one of the top knife fighter Instructor and Military trainers, what do you do?  Well you find a good 387 more words

Military Gear

Unique Fighting Game : Rival School

For this time, I won’t talk about indie games, but a game from my childhood instead. It’s made by Capcom and it was so freakin’ cool in its era. 907 more words


Entry 9

Enter 3rd year Fighter Ricard DeMarco

          Four Fighters. Four dead Saint Jude Fighters found in a Machina parking lot, a 2nd year, two 3rd years and a 4th year. 989 more words

Entry 8

Enter 4th year Fighter Franca Blaire

          Genesis Hawkins, the 1st year who fought the Treasurer less than an hour ago was standing in front of me in the Neutral Stance, ready for combat. 1,527 more words

Depression Is

Depression is the image your six year old self came up with when you used to lay awake at night with your eyes squeezed shut and small, pale fists clenched as hard as possible around the frayed edges of your favorite blanket. 511 more words