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Who do you want to be ? A fighter or A coward

“Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence,I would advice violence”.
– Mahatma Gandhi

In our lives comes different kinds of pressure situations were we have to choose, whether to be a fighter or a coward.

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War of Words

A war of words
Thrown like spears
At our pulsating hearts
Wilted like an autumn leaf
Limp but still quivering
Devilish words
Echo in my brain
Feverishly fighting them
Breaking through
My shield
They escape
For a moment
To then
Be awakened
The ministering
Spirits of peace
Over take evil
Once again sober
Of the hate that
Dwells within
I wish to be
Released of my


Poem: Lip

Swollen split lip.
I don’t care if it stings.
I said what I needed to say.


Destroys Us

why can’t we just be okay?

when things get too good

we feel the need to destroy it all

before it destroys us.


Sliding Away

She’s sliding away

a ceasing drop of rain

mistakenly thinking she’s taking her time

while unmoving

She’s sliding away

into words few will hear

inside a world they won’t see… 34 more words


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (Switch) - Reseña

Esta colección incluye las versiones para recreativas de todos las ediciones de Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, III y la serie Alpha. Son doce juegos en total. 1,620 more words


NO Soliciting

In today’s age of technology, going door to door offering services should be a thing of the past. Yet, businesses still engage this privacy-violating act on a regular basis. 433 more words

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