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Seek God When You Are Struggling

Often times, I hear some friends complaining about the people most dear in their lives. I could hear them saying that their relationship gets worse as time goes by. 347 more words


Fights break out on Monash campus

Two separate fights have broken out on Monash’s campus, both within the same month and both were about a girl. The first fight which occurred at the Village student accommodation just next to Monash’s campus, which involved two men and a woman. 172 more words

Finding Love

My Sunshine

I had planned to make this 2 separate posts; dating pre-trans and post-trans. Well that was the working titles, but those posts wouldn’t have helped anything. 291 more words


“’As these women fail to hear themselves speak to their partners, they are unable to sustain the convictions and feelings of “I” and slip, instead, into self-doubt about the legitimacy of their privately held experience.’ Jack’s thesis is that women who cannot communicate effectively with their partner (most frequently, she suggests, because the partner is not willing to hear) lapse into silence.

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Arguing three ways

We get asked a lot “What happens when all of you fight at once?”

The long and the short of it is – it depends on the day. 388 more words

Old Poem; Old Memories; Older Habits

Ten years ago around this steamy time of year, I was engaged.

Unless I really dig deeply in the fecund soil of pettiness, I cannot say anything bad about… 299 more words

September is Suicide prevention month

September is Suicide prevention month. After being very personally affected by suicide during crucial growing years I feel as if I will always dedicate whatever I can to help prevent anyone from having to go through the loss. 206 more words