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Migos Got Into Fights With Everyone At The BET Awards

If your first response to this story was ‘What’s Migos‘ then you may want to click elsewhere. If you have teenagers, then you may know that they are the Georgia based trio of Offset, Quavo and Takeoff who are best known for hits like “Fight Night” and “Bad and Bougee.” 142 more words

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Lack of Sleep and Fighting With Partner Increases Inflammation

Summary: According to researchers, couples who fight following a lack of sleep expressed higher inflammation levels in blood samples.

Source: Mediasource.

Researchers find that inflammation markers rise in tired couples who fight. 886 more words


It all just brings me back to one question- Why does it hurt when it shouldn't?

(Art by Edvard Munch)

At the end of the day, you will always find me here typing gibberish that makes sense to no one but myself, in desperate attempts to brew art out of words by arranging and re-arranging them in accordance with their rhyming patterns, syllabic constitution and literal meaning. 1,233 more words

No News Is Good News For This Skokie Car Dealership

People seem to get in arguments over politics just about everywhere now-a-days.

Even at the car dealership!

The people at Evanston Subaru in Skokie told WGN News… 65 more words


Break-ups and Boats

When we are younger we are taught that to not pick a fight is the grown up thing to do.

But as we get older, it seems more and more like fights are started and continued by respectable adults. 302 more words

Local SME fights crime with robots

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)

CROOKS beware – there is a new crime buster on the block. Meet O-R3 – OTSAW Digital’s proprietary crime fighting robot solution to the security industry’s manpower crunch. 740 more words

Money Matters

Odd Occurrences and Conflicts

Had an odd incident over the weekend.  One of our tenants accidentally dropped his house keys down the crack in the elevator floor.  The keys fell into the elevator shaft.   466 more words

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