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The Winner in Internal Conflict

“An old Cherokee chief is teaching his grandson about life: ‘A fight is going on inside me,’ he said to the boy. ‘It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.

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Ready for Takeoff

She was sad; sad that she had to say goodbye to him. He was her best friend, and they had shared their best and worst moments together. 639 more words


What Is Your Mindset?

I’ve been to my share of fights and I have seen many people waste so much energy on mind games. I feel that the moment the fighter does that, they lose focus on why they are there. 117 more words


A "Not In The Sauna" Conversation

The first time I went to a gym sauna was either an inauspicious beginning or a stroke of incredible luck, depending on how you view it. 468 more words


NHL 2018-19 season Hockey Fights (First Edition of many)

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This season marks the 25th Anniversary of the Anaheim Ducks franchise. It is going to be a season filled with many surprises and who knows maybe one of those many surprises might be going far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!! 251 more words

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Season Finale!

Okay so Monday was explosive right? Okay. so we saw Mo and Princess about to go into a Battle Royale but it didn’t get that far. 476 more words

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