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My Latest Short Story: Self Defense 2- You Provoked Him, The First Part

I am finally going to jump on the band wagon here. Many of the blogs I follow put their stories on their blogs for all to see, so I am going to put my latest short story here. 517 more words

My Childhood Rival

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I used to imagine that there was this kid in school who was my arch enemy. I don’t mean, “Oh, just someone who I don’t like and doesn’t like me.” Nope, I’m talking about a kid who always swore to destroy me like a comic book villain. 620 more words


Destroys Us

why can’t we just be okay?

when things get too good

we feel the need to destroy it all

before it destroys us.


UK Mother Fights To Get 12-Year-Old Son's Cannabis Medication Back From Government

Notice: Undefined index: allowfeed in /home/ursaminor/public_html/ihempandcbd.com/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-seo/includes/tools/autolinks.php on line 97 The main issue surrounding the cannabis oil is the drug s ingredients. Cannabidiol is licensed as a medicine in the United Kingdom. 25 more words

After an argument

We would like to think that bickering, (arguments, or whatever synonyms that are connotatively different but are only mere synonyms ) when coming to a close, will have a clear resolution. 339 more words


Craziness in the RV park

So I have told you before about my drunken neighbors and their shenanigans well this one is a doozy. I promise it will not disappoint. 985 more words