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Three DD+ Sports Bras worth raving about

Those of us lucky enough to have been gifted with ample bosum will know the importance of a trusty steed to keep us grounded! Find out who gets my full support! 149 more words


Suits You, Madam

As you’ll know, dear reader, I’m a big lass and not at all ashamed or worried about it. As such, I don’t feel the need to wear ugly, tent-like bathing costumes once summer rolls round. 226 more words

Tips For Purchasing Swimwear This Summer

It can be difficult to purchase swimwear which suits your body shape. Often swimwear is available in the must have fashion shapes and colours which is great if you strike lucking at what’s in fashions suits you but otherwise you can be a bit stuck! 317 more words

Fleur Rose - Lulu Tout by Figleaves

I found this set on my daily scroll through Figleaves. Yes, I look at lingerie every single day. I wouldn’t be a true lingerie addict if I didn’t! 360 more words

Tamara Lazic for Figleaves 2015 photo-shoot collections

Tamara Lazic for Figleaves 2015 photo-shoot collections

Sometimes the best possible way of showcasing a beautiful  lingerie line is by dressing a model from a nearby country. 23 more words

Fashion Campaigns

Is it possible to have glamour in maternity & nursing lingerie?

Ugh, pregnancy boobs.

On the one hand I’m pretty darn pleased that the deflated spaniels ears that were left in place of my full buoyant boobs after my first pregnancy have been re-inflated, on the other hand I wish I could pull the plug on the inflation when they reached optimal pertness and size! 694 more words


Underwear Essentials

I’m all for pretty and sexy lingerie but sometimes it’s not possible, especially with awkward clothes. When I go on set or to modelling shoots I take a kit with all my essentials, including essential underwear.   76 more words