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FigView: Black Gold Saw

This time around we have the anime version of Black Gold Saw, released back in April 2013, about 2 years since the original. Black Gold Saw’s redesign saw the changing of the color of her sword from gold to Bronze. 411 more words


FigView: Dead Master

This week we have the anime version of Dead Master. Her dress is longer, hands are bigger, she now wears a veil, as well as glasses. 334 more words


FigView: Chariot

Now with all the new stuff out of the way… Back to Black Rock Shooter figures! Wooo! Starting off the figmas based off the Anime series, we have… 493 more words


Figma (FigFix #006) “Kantai Collection” Mutsu (Half Damage Version) by Max Factory

Back toward the beginning of the Summer, I dipped my toe into Figma’s FigFix series with the Half Damage version of Shimakaze. These are mostly non-articulated Figma scaled figures, which allow Max Factory to produce very specific versions of the characters without re-releasing a costlier fully jointed figure. 974 more words

Figma Leafa - Sword Art Online II

  • Preço: 68.50€
  • Produtora: Max Factory/ Good Smile Company
  • Tamanho: 14cm
  • Entrega prevista para 03/2017

Mais grandes novidades para os fãs de Sword Art Online!
A Max Factory trouxe desta vez as cores da natureza ao lançarem a nova figma de Leafa, como a conhecemos em SAO II. 81 more words


[Review] Figma 281 -W̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶S̶o̶l̶d̶i̶e̶r̶ Fubuki Animation Ver.

Winter Soldier merupakan alias dari teman baik Superman yang telah dicuci otak oleh organisasi jahat bernama Drittes Reich yang dipimpin oleh Vladimir Putin.

Yeah, 172 more words


[Review] Figma 243 - Solid Snake MGS 2 Ver.

YEAAAH!!! Akhir pekanku  puas banget karena ada NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II & SummerSlam 2016!! What an awesome week! Dan sekarang tinggal nunggu salah satu anggota grup yang kalah prediksi buat bikin video dia nyanyi Glorious Domination. 354 more words