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Winter Survival of Fig Bushes

Due to the severity of the several winters before last winter, all in-ground fig trees here were top-killed to the ground each of those winters, apart from trunks and limbs bent over to the ground and buried in mulch (all of which survived, as they do every year). 185 more words


Fig Smushed Anise Almond Cookies | The Vegan Test Kitchen

These almond cookies become a little more special when you infuse them with anise, and smush a fig on top. That’s right, fig smushed anise almond cookies from the Veganomicon are a step up from your normal cookie.


Cuccidati King Cake

I have to put a caveat here before we dive in: it’s not king cake season anymore. Here in South Louisiana, we’re big on celebration but also on tradition, so the season for king cakes is pretty strict. 827 more words


Ficus sundaica (Form B), Crocker Range, Sabah

Ficus sundaica  fallen from a collapsed tree into a mountain stream  near Kipandi about 700m in the Crocker Range. All photos by Linus Gokusing.


Ficus trichocarpa: Introduction

TRICHOCARPA Ficus trichocarpa (Blume 1825)                       Common hemi-epiphyte

 Greek: Hairy fruit- referring to the tiny very short hairs covering the fruit. However this is not apparent unless examined through a 10x magnifying lens and both fig and leaf appear smooth and glossy (glabrous). 296 more words


Fruity Friday...The humble Fig

The Fig…You can get it dried almost anywhere in the world and fresh and luscious from September through to autumn.

There is nought like the taste of a fresh fig and dried they are different but sweet, with a chewy flesh and crunchy edible seeds. 749 more words