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Announcing my book: Ladders to Heaven

I have spent the past ten years writing a book about an extraordinary group of plants that have affected humanity in profound yet little-known ways. I am therefore delighted to announce today that Unbound will publish… 351 more words

Christening Le Creuset...Lemon Chicken with Figs and Artichokes

We welcomed a new addition to our family over the weekend. We stumbled on a great deal for a Le Creuset French Oven. I’ve always wanted one but never could justify the price tag.  261 more words


Ginger fig cake recipe

I recently made quite the birthday meal for my husband, making two of our favorite recipes, and trying out two new ones. I made Food & Wine’s… 478 more words


figs three ways

Ohhhhh figs. We love figs. Are they the forgotten fruit of summer? In the warmer months, it feels like they’re often overlooked in favour of the big names of the season: mangoes, pineapples, watermelon and cherries. 555 more words


Honey and balsamic baked figs with bacon

Honey and balsamic baked figs with bacon: We came across this beautiful image of a baked fig and would love to credit it to someone but we don’t have any recollection or reference for it. 332 more words


Flavoursome Fig and Freekeh Salad

Is it just me or are nearly all the savoury items on this blog, salads? Whoops!

Side note: this salad is FREEKEHshly good (pun intended)!! 533 more words


Roasted sweet potatoes with figs

Recipe # 5 (page 26 of cookbook) is a great way  to serve  sweet potatoes in a new way.  I think I over cooked the sweet potatoes- check them after 20 minutes.   9 more words

Jerusalem Cookbook