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Art Video Diary, Part 11-12 blending with freckles

So I’m doing the second round on the development of the portrait/ figure.  I underlay reflective light in cool tones. I sort of decided to lay in alternating layers but then as I’m going along I just seem to start painting, I’m really just continuing to push and pull and layer etc. 81 more words

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Truth is passe, even a dirty word for postmoderns. But it has been an important value for artists. If we simply insist that truth and beauty do not exist, surely we are throwing the baby out with the bath water. 43 more words

Live Arts With Savona


In Italy during May gardens are at their best, even when they have been forgotten but where everything still grows anyway.  I stumbled across this villa and the garden that is almost abandoned and it was fun trying to put some long awaited colours into the greenery, with the spring grasses long and overgrown and the little wild flowers reaching through! 16 more words


Art Video Diary, Part 9-10, Putting the flesh on, figurative art

So yesterday I went back to the figure, and started laying in the flesh tones and refining the shapes a little with color for the first time.   204 more words

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Indiana State Museum Show

As part of the 200th anniversary celebration for the State of Indiana, Mark Ruschman, art curator at the Indiana State Museum, has created a show called “Two Hundred Years of Indiana Art: A Cultural Legacy.”  Tuck’s bronze… 88 more words