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The analysis of conceptual metaphors in “Hades” by Bathory

In Memoriam: Thomas Forsberg (1966-2004).

Hello dear reader! Missed me? :-D As promised in 2016, I keep Digging Met(al)aphor up and running, making random appearances here and now. 2,046 more words

Conceptual Metaphors

Translating the Hype

The two scrawny elementary-aged kids kept staring at me as I stickhandled the ball and snapped it into the various corners of the hockey net. None of my buddies had been able to make it for a dek hockey game that day, so I had driven up to one of the local deks to work on my shot alone. 628 more words

The Geneva College Inklings

Figurative language


What is figurative language? Why are the following phrases figurative in certain contexts?

The light at the end of the tunnel…

The glass half full. 175 more words

Summer Days

By Carlos Peralta

The meeting place with my childhood friends was always the sidewalk in front of my house.  The sun would always accompany us on our adventures until the moon warned us that we had to return to home or go to someone’s house to continue our adventures, games and more. 706 more words

Basic Writing

Idioms - Middle School ELA


This video is a good example of how we use idioms.


Idioms are phrases that do not mean exactly what they say. Discuss this example: “The homework for today is a piece of cake!” 103 more words

Figurative language projects

December 12-20: The student created a short story in a group setting with 4 to 5 students using many digital tools and incorporated the 6 figurative language terms as learned in class. 30 more words

Writing Tip

Figurative Language

When a writer uses figurative language that is surprising or funny or original, it catches my attention and keeps me reading.  Sometimes the expression captures exactly what I am thinking and creates a connection between me and the writer, which is the goal of every writer. 368 more words

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