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Hopping secrecy 

Frances: I wish I was a frog — they can hop like nobody’s business. And really, it’s nobody’s business how high you can hop, right?


How to Use Metaphor to Support Your Character's Arc

From the stories we tell to the way we grasp abstract concepts, figurative language is an integral part of the human experience. We equate objects to one another, changing an emotional struggle to an injured bird. 829 more words


Pleasant Enough

I knew it wouldn’t happen to me.

I was so sure and convinced…

Things were pleasant enough…

I was at the top.

I had those great grades, perfect parents, shining smile, prosperous personality… 434 more words

Be Creative

Heh heh...

Me: (on phone) I’m so sorry! I slept in. I never sleep in!

Frances: (shouting in the background) Yes, you do. You sleep in ALL THE TIME! 21 more words



Frances: It’s going to be a long night…Actually, the night is the same length but you get what I mean, right?


Bedtime and butterflies

Frances: How do you drift off to sleep?

Me: You just follow your thoughts as if you were chasing a butterfly…

Frances: I don’t chase butterflies. I believe they should live.


#1371 - Test Results

I mean, he’s technically using it consistent with his follow-up statement, but still, have you ever heard someone use the phrase “out of this world” in anything other than a positive connotation? 23 more words

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