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Bedtime and butterflies

Frances: How do you drift off to sleep?

Me: You just follow your thoughts as if you were chasing a butterfly…

Frances: I don’t chase butterflies. I believe they should live.


#1371 - Test Results

I mean, he’s technically using it consistent with his follow-up statement, but still, have you ever heard someone use the phrase “out of this world” in anything other than a positive connotation? 23 more words

Sketch A Day

Idioms are White Elephants

In an online writing class, one of peers posted an analysis of setting in a Hemingway piece. She began the post by defining white elephant, an idiom she was unfamiliar with. 515 more words


Floating Body Parts: The Irresistible Novel

Welcome to week fourteen of my quest through the many writing debates covered in Jeff Gerke’s book, The Irresistible Novel. As always, this week I will summarize a major principle as outlined in Gerke’s book. 486 more words

Similes and Metaphors

What is a SIMILE? 

What is a METAPHOR? 

This website can help. if you need to see more!

Here is a great review video to watch before completing our assignments involving similes and metaphors. 29 more words

Figurative Language

Sorry. You're right...

Frances: I don’t want to hurt your feelings, Mum, but it isn’t ‘bath time’.

Me: Oh, why not?

Frances: If it were ‘bath time’, I’d actually be in the tub right now. 46 more words


Idioms for Idiots

It’s raining cats and dogs= Not literally.That costs an arm and a leg= Not literally.

You make me sick= Not literally.

I don’t need a man= Not Literally. 352 more words