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Before You Go...

It’s nearing the end and there is still so much I want to do with my students before we all wave goodbye on June 8 and the summer sun takes over their days. 875 more words

Writing Workshop

5 Simple Ways in Which Children’s Books Teach You English

– By Huban Kasimi

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story at all.” – C.S. Lewis. 635 more words


In other words...

Frances’s use of language often impresses me.

Her teacher recently told me that she believes Frances is quite a few years older than 11 (which we’ve actually been told is the case) and that she is impressed by Frances’s very dry sense of humour. 37 more words


42518-Figurative Language

Like a moth drawn to a flame, the lure of love was magnetic.
Voices of sirens in my head, telling me sweet nothings.

Time, a slow honey syrup, dripping slowly as the echoes of my footsteps bounce throughout the airy hall. 413 more words


And You've Only Got Three Weeks: A Practical Poetry Activity

One of the problems with saying one is going to teach a unit on poetry is that it is such a broad topic.  It might be similar to a shop teacher saying they were going to teach a unit on cars, if cars had a couple thousand year history and ranged in size from matchbox to semi tractor.  1,108 more words

Horse of a different color

I’m shaking things up this week!

If you have time to kill, there’s no time like the present to take a crack at solving my photo puzzles. 112 more words


The world would be desolate

I was struck by these thoughts on perception and the enlargement of the spirit, which I came across in an article in the journal Arts: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies… 131 more words

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