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One of the reasons why metaphors work is that it makes us work. Tenor and vehicle with tension between them. 108 more words


Well, does she?

Frances asks me to read Amelia Bedelia (by Peggy Parish) to her this afternoon.

Amelia Bedelia is a domestic helper who interprets language rather literally much to the initial chagrin of her employers. 123 more words


Figuratively Speaking

From frying pan to fire and
To neighbor’s greener grass,
Life’s trials sure seem rosier
Seen through the looking glass.

But reality’s a cruel taskmaster… 20 more words


Tuesday, September 29

Today we went over some review study guides for the CDA. Please complete and study the CDA 1 – Tone Review and CDA 1 – Imagery Review… 38 more words

10th Grade Literature

Basic simile for roses

Roses come in different colors. The most common one to our eyes is the rose that’s as red as the strawberries we normally see. One particular rose is the China rose that has a pink to red shade that has shrubs that can grow up to two meters that is as tall as a typical basketball player in the Philippines. 39 more words

My incredulous kid

Frances: You can’t drive a CAR!

Me: Yes, I can.

Frances: You can’t drive a car.

Me: Yes, I can. Please stop saying that :) 18 more words



The alfalfa fields spring miles apart

between the anguished souls

Turn her away from the furor and chaos

And lay her close to faith’s bosom… 26 more words