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Alliteration always reminded me of tongue twisters. Like: Peter Piper picked a pail full of pickled peppers. And so, that is exactly what I used to start off my lesson on alliteration! 334 more words


Simile and Metaphor

Teaching this lesson was easy as pie and my students’ work was good as gold! See what I did there? Honestly, this lesson has been my favorite lesson so far. 318 more words


Figurative Language Unit

Being a bookworm, I am constantly reading books; which means: I absolutely LOVE figurative language. Knowing the basic types of figurative language is important when we read stories so that we can understand what the author is actually trying to say. 235 more words


13 - Image 1, Question 1 Response


  • Description of first impression of the exact view on the picture adding details bout mountain, clouds etc so bigger picture.
  • Make more accurate descriptions using touch, smell etc in second paragraph and go into smaller objects and details like grass, stones, flowers or so.
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English 10A

Visualizing The Odyssey

I know for my previous blog posts, that I described how I was planning on writing blogs that are based on my first hand experience either at restaurants or my mom’s homemade cooking at home. 562 more words

Personally, I Ponder Personification

I mean, does a tree really desire to have human qualities attributed to it?  Then, does a tree even have desire?  Can’t a tree stand alone, sovereign, without humans endowing it with our virtues, vices, qualities or behaviors? 223 more words

Deepening Your Writing And Art

Five things from Jon Krakauer's Narrative Genius that You Should Steal and Use Immediately

Show, don’t tell.
Learn from Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild.

ONE: Dialogue

I was working then as an itinerant carpenter, framing condominiums in Boulder for $3.50 and hour.

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