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On the Road Again....

I like taking road trips in the summer, especially if it’s somewhere I haven’t been before. Small towns and rolling hills are the essence of Americana to me.  260 more words

What Are You Talking About, Mama... By Yadira

Kids take things way too literally. Sarcasm, metaphors, and all figurative language just goes right over their heads. My little ones are living proof of just how literal language is taken by a developing mind, and this inability to go beyond the scope of black and white makes for some pretty hilarious conversations. 728 more words

My Thoughts

Figuratively speaking...

There was a tense moment this evening at Frances’s end-of-year school concert. As a teacher on the stage was talking about a student who was graduating, she said, “Everybody loves him…” 63 more words


World of Writing Series: Metaphor and Simile

Certain narratives, such as scientific texts, official reports or legal documents demand accuracy and, clearly, the ability to provide accurate description is essential, but the reader of fiction needs to be lured into a world that does not stop at reporting things as they are. 961 more words

Teaching Poetry -- An Exercise in Imagery

Welcome again to another day of Teaching Poetry. Today’s topic is Imagery. Imagery uses figures of speech like metaphors, similes and personification to draw out our senses. 449 more words


Figurative Love

First they told me love was a metaphor
It’s the wind in your sails, the light in the darkness
It’ll be the breath in your lungs, the blood in your veins… 111 more words



In the most silent and serene part of the day, I managed to take hold of things that I only captured right at this moment. It’s like a shooting star, if we consider its fading nature.  269 more words

Late Night Thoughts