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Writing Sex Scenes without Sex

Here’s a little ponder about the craft of writing sex scenes. It could just as accurately be titled Writing Poetic Sex.

Once upon a time, I guess like a lot of writers, I found writing sex scenes embarrassing. 646 more words

Fiction: Figurative and Concrete Language

Daily Prompt #27: Inspired by great writers

What do you think Anton Chekhov means by this? What’s he getting at?

Take five minutes to write your thoughts.

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Fiction Writing

Book Spotlight: A Bike Like Sergio's

I don’t know a teacher who doesn’t love Maribeth Boelts’s classroom classic, Those Shoes (Candlewick, 2007).  I’ve never had a group of students that didn’t cringe in deepest sympathy and embarrassment when Jeremy has to wear the “Mr. 635 more words


Figurative Language: Part One


Definition: A simile is a comparison between two or more things using the words like or as.

Examples: Her eyes were as vibrant as the forest. 313 more words


The analysis of conceptual metaphors in “Hades” by Bathory

In Memoriam: Thomas Forsberg (1966-2004).

Hello dear reader! Missed me? :-D As promised in 2016, I keep Digging Met(al)aphor up and running, making random appearances here and now. 2,046 more words

Conceptual Metaphors

Translating the Hype

The two scrawny elementary-aged kids kept staring at me as I stickhandled the ball and snapped it into the various corners of the hockey net. None of my buddies had been able to make it for a dek hockey game that day, so I had driven up to one of the local deks to work on my shot alone. 628 more words

The Geneva College Inklings

Figurative language


What is figurative language? Why are the following phrases figurative in certain contexts?

The light at the end of the tunnel…

The glass half full. 175 more words