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Literary and Rhetorical Terms for English 11

Throughout the year we’ll be using various literary and rhetorical terms, all of which can be found here: Literary Terms 11H or by clicking through the page break below.   2,303 more words

English 11 Honors


puppies everywhere
bouncy bouncy puppies
so profound
and covered with similes
big goofy puppies
representing figurative language
longing for pie
and pi
and cuddles… 8 more words

The Cupcake Metaphor

Most of the consulting I do deals with conferring and small group work in the writing workshop.  From time to time, I get lucky enough to talk about my greatest passion – mentor texts. 1,069 more words

Mentor Texts

Hit the nail on the head and its relatives

To nail it means to do something perfectly or successfully. (e.g. We are happy our team has won. We nailed it!).

To hit the nail on the head… 165 more words


Excuse my French

The expression dates back to the 19th century when it was fashionable for Englishmen to use French words in conversation, knowing the listener may not understand.


Rock & Roll

Etymologically, there are many versions of this old expression. I’m not a linguist guru but I know the truth is one. I won’t focus on it because I’m here to bring the beauty out of this expression, somewhat slang, which I think is one of the coolest untranslatable English words. 85 more words