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What Is Descriptive Writing?

There are many different kinds of writing, descriptive writing being one of them. Pretty much everything I found on descriptive writing talked about essay writing or academic writing. 329 more words



I can’t stop thinking about the sun,
That way he has with the sky
Making her blush orange, purple, pink
When she’s shy
Or don her radiant robes of azure… 197 more words


Figurative Language

Watch the video below.

  1. As you watch/listen to each song, identify which examples of figurative language they use. (Directions are in the video.)  8:42

Flowery Feeling in White Rose

Flower, one beautiful living thing in this world, has a wide varieties ranging from custom flower to the scarce kinds with many colours and shapes. For example, jasmine, daisy, lotus, orchid, rose, etc. 577 more words


The Refugee

Guest Post by Leah
Featured Image: “Over the Fence”, a painting made from instant coffee by Alwy Fadhel, from The Refugee Art Project 

The refugee… 155 more words

English Language

Tools for students who have difficulty with visualization or metaphor

The language I use in dance classes tends to be very figurative; I liken the torso to an elevator, or compare weight transfer to a dragon boat, or tell students that they are pouring soda from the tips of their toes during a prance. 755 more words

Adaptive Dance

Poem Day #7


Wispy tendrils drift around.

They sweep and slink and sink

into the softened ground.

They cloud the air, sight suffers.

The brights shine into eyes. 93 more words