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Project: Canon- Story & Character Backstory

World History

In this time, no one had memories of the planet Earth. They hadn’t known of the green grass, the vast oceans, the wild forests, because no one had ever been there. 860 more words


Character Development

Everyday has a new pitch to throw at people and they only get a few swings to hit the ball out the park. Meaning that each day has a new challenge ahead that adds to what pressures from society or individuals add to the weight of there problems. 164 more words


Before skill becomes a talent

Drawing the human figure is not a talent. It is a hand-eye coordination skill. Systematic instruction and lots of focused practice will get any student drawing representations of the human form. 447 more words


Cannon Biography/Story (Prince Orion)

In the far out depths of space, amongst the stars. Hailing from a hidden dimension in between two of the three stars of the belt of Orion. 427 more words


Tuesday Night Figure Drawing

This model had an amazing shoulder girdle. Great clavicles, scapulas, the whole thing was just so well defined. I wasn’t drawing great, so for the last 15 minutes I had the instructor move the light to rake across her back and just did a straight tonal study. 41 more words


Step 1-CANON

Character: Overlord Darnoc Llork

Culture: Old Primotavien to New Primotavien- Old Primotavien is a medieval race of people from the Planet Primotav who have not yet discovered space travel yet. 898 more words