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SWMRS Premiere "Figure It Out" Music Video

SWMRS premiered the brand new video for their breakout single “Figure It Out” just before the release of their debut album “Drive North” out now on their own label, Uncool Records. 94 more words


Comma Splice THIS

No matter what your current job — where it be organic cat groomer or deflated college student — at some point, you will find that you need to write something. 553 more words


Let Cool Hand Luke Help You This Monday.

“What we got here is a stellium of planets in Capricorn and the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn.” This ain’t no failure to communicate. It is pretty loud and clear. 238 more words

Universal Influences

5:00 — Solve World Hunger (Tell No One)

Work. Classes. Family. Friends. Watching “Friends.” Again. Buzzfeed quizzes. Being behind the rest of the world on our “Making a Murderer” viewing.

We are all busy people. 691 more words


song of the day

Here is an edgy classic from the band Royal Blood. The guitar kicks butt in this song, and the vocals are gritty. Perfect combination. Check it out!



It is Always a Challenge to Just Let Go and Believe

And my challenge to you today is to let go of having to know how much, when, and where all of the things you seek to manifest will appear.   142 more words

You Want Me to Do What?

I have a gym membership. Which, for me, means that my credit card gets charged twenty-one dollars each month and I have a bland, white key chain in exchange for my payment. 826 more words