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FigView: Black Rock Shooter (GAME ver.)

So, I guess Black Rock Shooter is back. With wings. She generally looks all around better than the original BRS Figma. Her hair isn’t trying to simulate Hatsune Miku, it’s spikier, and just plain looks cooler. 488 more words

Figure Review

GEEKY SHIT: Durarara!!x2 - Orihara Izaya 1/8 scale Psychedelic Ver. by ALTAiR (Alter)

Of all the villains modelled on The Joker’s brand of “anarchy for interest’s sake”, Orihara Izaya is easily the most stylish. The fact that he’s a villain at all is impressive, given… 157 more words


FigView: Lily Nedoroid

Look what’s back! FigView is back. Back again… but will it stay? Let’s hope so. I didn’t spend over 9000…

So, there’s actually some new stuff that’s coming in this month. 483 more words

Figure Review

FigView: Black Heart

Never fear Black Heart is here, but it’s not like she’s here to save YOU or anything. Now with that out of the way we can get on with this. 577 more words

Figure Review

FigView: Purple Heart

For this weeks FigView, we’re breaking the streak of BRS Figmas, and reviewing the Purple Heart 1/7 scale figure by WING which was released on December of 2015. 894 more words


Nendoroid Kirby Review

Nendoroid Kirby!

Today I will be reviewing Nendoroid Kirby and to be honest at first I really didn’t think this guy would be making it into my collection.   939 more words

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FigView: Kuroi Mato

For this weeks FigView we have Kuroi Mato, the “real world” protagonist of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. If you read last weeks FigView then you should have a pretty good guess as to where this review is going. 393 more words