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UNBOXING: Legend Player(Limited Edition) & Microfiber Towel Tsurugi Kyousuke

À ờ thì mới đặt thêm đặt hàng bên shop chuyên ship đồ Nhật 1 lần nữaへ(゜∇、°)へ Đặt từ hôm 21/6, shop hẹn 4 tuần mà đến hôm nay mới nhận được đây…

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It may appear that Doreen posed in order to do this sketch. In truth they just fell over and lay there.

I helped them up once I had finished the sketch and had a bag of crisps.

Review with Pizzazz: Lego Bionicle Skull Scorpio

Woo, first Summer Set review is finally here!

Boss Bot posting with a new review, this time it’s the brand new (and so far very hard to find in the US) summer Bionicle set.   359 more words


Tiny Story Telling Figure

More Life Book catching up and this was a lesson that was completely my cup of tea.  The lesson was taken by Danielle Donaldson.  I confess that I was unfamiliar with her work but, having taken a gander at her website, I really love her line work and her splattery, blotchy, bleeding pigment, liquidy use of watercolour.   203 more words

Giving up? Haha no

Im not stopping the diet. I know I haven’t posted but I’m done recording the calories. I’m done bringing myself down and beating myself up for looking at something sweet. 304 more words

Little Miss Calorie Intake