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Day 477: Jawa's

Day 477: Jawa’s

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So, this is another of my favourite characters from the movies in the form of the tiny scavengers in the Jawa’s. 89 more words

Daily Sketches!

Day 476: Father

Day 476: Father

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So, for yesterday I did one of the most iconic scenes from the movie franchise, the scene where Darth Vader removes his mask in the final movie, revealing the withered old man that he had become underneath it. 101 more words

Daily Sketches!

Early Morning

A painting for my boyfriend from 2011, just on some sturdy paper. I was a bit rushed painting it but I like how that affected the end result. 15 more words

Personal Work

Pop Art inspired self portrait

This self portrait was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s work and his impact of the Pop Art movement. I used watered down acrylic paint and black fine liner to create this piece. 134 more words


Andre Azevedo - Stitch artist

Andre Azevedo is a Brazilian artist who works with many different materials, including paint and sculpture. I am particularly interested in his work with sewing. He creates unique and often colourful representations of people with the use of thread. 234 more words


Capturing the figure in Cardiff

The human form is probably the most difficult thing to draw. Professional artists take years to perfect the process and amateurs often baulk at the thought. 434 more words


516. Grimsby Street, Shoreditch (1)

Stik is probably the most instantly recognisable street artist in the world. His simple stick figures hide a sophistication that is quite baffling really. They appear to convey such strong feelings and emotions, often compassionate. 103 more words