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Fisher Price Little People Bendables Construction Site Dump

By the 1920s, dump trucks that were able to work faster and more efficiently came out and were used to haul coal. Thus, the coal industry benefitted, just as the railroad industry did years before when they had primitive dumping carts. 185 more words

Thoughts McFarlane Toys Halo Reach Series 6 Brute Major

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For PVC Super Mario Bros Action Figure

It’s clear that Nintendo has put a ton of focus in structuring super mario Galaxy 2 in a way that’s accessible to all, including that new “expanded audience” that’s leapt into the world of… 299 more words

Fast 2015 New Cartoon Despicable Me 2 minions Figure

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grand theft personhood

Perpetual motion, an asthmatic commute, outfits lined up like uniforms on laundry day.  I took such great care to avoid the dreaded ‘uniform’ that plagues so many trans women early in their transitions.  301 more words

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My Spaceman acrylic painting with the angels wings. A stylised photo from my original hand painted image.


Elsa And Anna Dolls Princess Toys Olaf Kristtof Seal

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