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3/9 Nendoroid (Out of Season Nendoroid)

A special post on the 3rd of September.

Why 3rd of September?

Because in Japanese, they have a phonetic system for numbers known as ‘ 804 more words


Scott Bissons glass blown sculptures

Scott Bisson is an artist based in Oregan, whose glasswork is sold in galleries throughout the world. His work can be purchased from http://www.symmetrygallery.com/scott-bisson and the price ranges between $120-300.





Crown Derby paperweights

If you’re looking for a posh gift for someone who’s a fan of porcelain or china, these Crown Derby paperweights would make the perfect gift. Often availiable through eBay, their prices range from £30-100.


Persian figurines at Tell Halif

It was especially in Field IV, excavated from 1992 to 1999, that Persian figurines were found on Tell Halif. But throughout the excavations of Field V (2007 – 2015), we also regularly came across figurines. 623 more words


Sorting Out [Part Two]

I didn’t do an awful lot today, considering the mood I am in.. however I packed away and tied some of my figurines/collectibles ready for the move in October.. 289 more words


Sewer Tile Figurine "RARE"

Men who worked in the sewer pipe factories would use a bit of leftover clay to make gifts or just for their own amusement. Sewer tile objects are now considered folk art, as they were usually created by men with no training in art or sculpture. 160 more words