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Japanese collector buys one of the most expensive and exclusive life-sized figurines ever made

Priced at $19,600 and with only ten ever produced, this is one special delivery you don’t get to see every day. 436 more words


Eton Zootine Show 030

We finally open our Star Wars Rebels figure set on EZS030.




The Nesting World of Matryoshka Dolls

One of the more popular dolls around the world are Russian matryoshka dolls which is a set of wooden dolls that have one doll inside another and so on and so forth. 3,497 more words


Clay from Art Camp Claudia McGill - Cylinder Figurines

Here you have the story of the cylinder figurines, from the Art Camp Claudia McGill.

They first appear as slabs turned into cylinders, and then they are given faces, of a sort. 170 more words


Clay from Art Camp Claudia McGill - Ladies and Cat

More Art Camp Claudia McGill results. Here are some figurines – two ladies and a cat. The ladies are in the wet-clay stage; I don’t seem to have a photo of the cat. 274 more words


GOT Merchandise at Gametraders

The novel turned hit TV series Game of Thrones can now be enjoyed with friends and family.

Play and collect GOT board and card games, art books, figurines, 3D crystal iron throne, bookends… Get them all at Gametraders! 10 more words