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Should You Be Encrypting Your Data Like Everyone Else?

With the ever increasing threats to the private data, more and more people are encrypting their data to keep it safe and secure. Today, it seems that the anti-virus programme is not enough to protect your data from theft and intrusion. 459 more words


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that encrypts or locks your files in exchange for money. Ransomware is a serious threat, one that causes millions of dollars in damages and losses each year. 858 more words

Name That Malware!

Send Up To 5GB Encrypted Files For FREE (with up To 200MB per single file)

pCloud transfer was recently featured and recommended on I Love Free Software. According to the pCloud web site you are permitted to send large files via 2 methods (and no signup registration is required): 163 more words


How to Use File Encryption Software to Keep Your Data Hidden

Today, people don’t rely on paper records. Thanks to the technology, now personal information can be saved in digital devices, such as computers, laptops and Smartphones. 496 more words


Wuala for your Photos

What is your greatest concern when storing your photos in the cloud? Do you want to store them in complete privacy? Then Wuala is definitely a good option. 375 more words

Your Videos are Safe in Cubby

Cubby – a really simple and secure platform for your videos and other valuable digital data. Cubby mostly targets professional users and businesses, but you can also use it for personal needs. 517 more words

The pCloud Encrypted Transfer – a Safer Option for Your Photos

As promised, we will now pay attention to the encrypted version of the pCloud file transfer service. Besides being fully secured, its best part is that it is completely free. 374 more words