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Protecting customer’s data with HIPPA cloud sever applications

Companies that are mainly engaged in health care, finance and medical business must focus more on protecting customer’s data from vulnerable threats. They should comply with certain rules and regulations for preventing data from thefts and other problems. 230 more words

File Sharing

Configuring Multiple Netbios Names

In this example I had an old Windows 2003 Server that was my file server. Its name was FS01. I created a new Server 2012 FileServer with name of FS02. 125 more words

Setting up file sharing/NAS using Samba on Raspberry Pi

n this tutorial, we shall find step by step guide on setting up a “file sharing”/ “file server”/ NAS using samba.

For file sharing, we shall to CIFS/SMB also known as windows file sharing protocol implementation on Raspberry Pi. 616 more words


There are some companies which provide both HIPPA & PCI compliance cloud storage services to run a successful business. Healthcare companies will be able to safeguard the documents of clients with them for experiencing peace of mind. 25 more words

File Sharing

The Next Generation File Server

For years, IT professionals have struggled with managing file data. This dataset has become increasingly problematic, often filling up file servers and breaking data protection processes. 659 more words


Protecting data from security threats with latest applications

Business companies which are mainly engaged in healthcare services must focus on protecting the data from hacking and security threats. In fact, they should comply with certain rules and regulations in ensuring more safety measures. 248 more words

Cloud Security

Active Directory Right Management Services (AD RMS) ¿Puede proteger un directorio?

 AD RMS es un servicio que funciona a nivel de dominio, se encarga de proteger el contenido de documentos Office, correos electrónicos y eventualmente otro tipo de documentos como PDF. 409 more words

Active Directory