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HIPAA Compliant Online Data Backup

HIPPA compliance cloud server is mainly designed for medical and healthcare business organizations to control potential risks. It covers various features to maintain the information of patients without any difficulties.Get more information Click Here

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Preventing Business From Potential Threats With Compliance Server

Most health care business companies might face hacking, breaching and other problems which result in data thefts. Therefore, it is necessary to control them with a compliance server for running a successful business. 225 more words

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Securing the Data With Compliant Cloud Hosting Platform

Companies that are mainly involved in healthcare and medical business should focus more on protecting the data from thefts and other potential threats. There are many ways which are available for preventing data form hacking and breaches to run a successful business. 219 more words

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How to: Migrate Windows file server shares with NTFS permissions

Over the years I have seen so many approaches to migrating Windows file server shares to new servers. Most methods are valid and some are down right brilliant uses of native tools. 1,300 more words

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Take Ownership and Grant Permissions

Sharing a advanced script that I have used for one of our projects, This script is compatible with Powershell Version 2.0 & 3.0

There was a requirement from… 734 more words


Preventing security threats with HIPPA cloud storage platform

Insurance, finance and health care and medical business companies often face security threats which lead to data thefts and other complications. It is essential to protect details of customers for controlling fraudulent and criminal activities. 228 more words

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¿Cómo se debe configurar el SPN para la migración de File Server?

No hay migración de servicios que no esté acompañada de dolores de cabeza. Especialmente si son servicios críticos para las organizaciones, como es el caso de los servidores de archivos. 669 more words

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