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How to Install & Configure FTP Server with users in Redhat 7 / Centos 7

What is FTP..??

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. 298 more words


We're Always Stealing - An observation on File Sharing, Copyright and the Existence of Content

The system of trade and formal, capitalistic distribution has two simple figures which layout how things are circulated: Buying, providing money up front for something for that unit to come into your possession, and stealing, the bypassing of paying through brute taking of something for it to immediately come into your possession. 1,590 more words


FilePizza Lets You Transfer Files Via Web Browser

Ever encountered a situation when you need to transfer a file from your laptop to a friend’s desktop or smartphone sitting miles away from you instantly. 235 more words

File Sharing

Accessing shared files on Linux from Windows (trouble shooting / if solutions were always that simple)

The problem

I work in a shared Linux – Window environment and sharing files between computers has always been somewhat cumbersome. Most of the time I was able to access files in a shared folder on the Window machine from my Linux computer. 267 more words


Making School Life Easier with Skype

Skype in the Classroom enables you to bring the entire world into your lessons through calls to experts, classes in other countries and more. But even when you’re not in the classroom, … 430 more words

Tips & Tricks

Travel Blogger Kristen Kellogg Takes Skype’s Instagram on a Caribbean Excursion

Travel blogger and filmmaker Kristen Kellogg is the founder of the wanderlust website Border Free Travels. For one weekend, this wayfaring storyteller took our Instagram on a journey to the island of Anguilla for a travel bloggers conference and all the sun, sand and adventure that came with it. 292 more words

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