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"Winny Incident" movie wins huge crowdfunding support

After its crowdfunding target is smashed, writing begins on the story of how Japan stifled its own IT development in the name of combating file-sharing. 967 more words


Some thoughts on Walter & replication of art

“As soon as the criterion of authenticity ceases to be applied to artistic production, the whole social function of art is revolutionized. Instead of being founded on ritual, it is based on a different practice: politics” (Walter 25). 482 more words


Techdirt: Study Suggests Shutting Down Filesharing Sites Would Hurt Music Industry, New Artists

Techdirt: Study Suggests Shutting Down Filesharing Sites Would Hurt Music Industry, New Artists. “… there has been an update to a study first publicized as a work in progress several years ago run by the Information Economics and Policy Journal out of Queen’s University. 107 more words

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The Man from Earth: Holocene (2017)

2018 #9
Richard Schenkman | 99 mins | download (HD) | 16:9 | USA / English

Back in 2007, a low-budget sci-fi movie about a gang of college professors sat around having a chat kinda went viral: a screener copy was uploaded to piracy websites, from where people who would probably never have even heard of it otherwise were able to download and watch it. 1,147 more words


Konfigurasi File Sharing Samba Debian 6.0

[1]    Kita instal paket samba dengan perintah seperti berikut :

[2]    Kemudian kita buatkan folder untuk tempat sharingnya nanti, disini saya membuat folder dengan nama… 174 more words


Which is better for file sharing, Apple's iCloud Drive or Dropbox?

”iCloud Drive isn’t quite like Google Drive or Dropbox. As with most Apple digital and cloud services, it’s tied to a single identity without much in the way of sharing,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. 126 more words

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High Sierra's security update can block file sharing

If you are running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and have just applied the Security Update (2017-001) to fix its root user vulnerability, you may find that you cannot access file sharing on that Mac any more. 164 more words