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CLOUD: Another free sharing site bites the dust


Microsoft to shut down its Docs.com file-sharing site December 15
Microsoft is shutting down its Docs.com site in December and advising affected users to go with LinkedIn’s SlideShare and/or OneDrive for their file storage needs instead. 111 more words


Download Liwi App on Mobile & Desktop!

Liwi enables seamless file transfer across devices without the use of the internet. It is available on Android,Windows and Mac. One could recommend the option of sharing files via USB cable, but why take the hassle of looking for the cable, adjusting it to the two devices and so on, when we can simply skip all the… 269 more words

Peer2Peer, Piracy and Perception

One of the earliest forms of technology which was used in the last decade for sharing and accessing infringing content was Peer2Peer, popularly called as BitTorrents ( now Magnetic Links are available which eliminate the need for .torrent files to be stored on a server). 204 more words

Health Care HQ

Health Care HQ has a client–server network architecture. The chief information officer (CIO) wants to understand the difference between a client–server and a peer-to-peer network. She also wants to know why she should choose one over the other. 100 more words

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O365: How to Move a OneNote

Do you have some active OneNotes that are still on “local network drives”?  It is so nice to move them to OneDrive so that every can access them from any device, anytime!  25 more words

MS O365 & OneDrive

o365: How to Create a OneNote

Are you ready to create a OneNote in OneDrive so that you and those that you share it with can have access to it 24/7? 28 more words

MS O365 & OneDrive