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FTP Server Return and Error Codes Table Cheat Sheet


This is the FTP Server Return and Error Codes Table Cheat Sheet. The FTP server return codes always contain three digits, and each number has a special

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Cheat Sheet

FTP Client Commands Table Cheat Sheet


This is the FTP Client Commands Table Cheat Sheet. The table below lists the FTP commands that may be sent to an FTP server, these includes all commands…

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Cheat Sheet

What is Open Port Checker Tool

Open Port Checker Tool is useful for checking port in your router is open or close. This is online security tool check port open or being blocked in your firewall system. 201 more words

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Network protocols

In order for computers to communicate with one another, standard methods of information transfer and processing have been devised. These are referred to as “protocols” and some of the more common ones such as TCP, IP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, and FTP are discussed here. 319 more words