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Dr. James Sears Denies the Holocaust and Praises Hitler on Canadian TV



An Ottawa human rights lawyer has filed a human rights violation over the delivery of Dr. James Sears’ “racist and “anti-Semitic” newspaper. James responds to the allegations.

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2015 OTC Annual Report Filed With Comprehensive Information

HOLIDAY ISLAND, AR HIHI, (Marketwired) 04/04/16 Holiday Island Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: HIHI), a development stage company operating in the land development business to become a leading developer in this part of Northwest Arkansas, and the exclusive developer of Holiday Island, Arkansas, announced today that their 2015 OTC Annual Report and legal opinion was filed on time as of March 31, 2016. 86 more words

Week 8 (Thursday): Characterizing NPs in the Data

All has not been idle on this front, though I did go through two very uncertain weeks, which were followed by two weeks of reorientating and conceptualizing. 352 more words


(Video) Snake In The Grass Romney/Ryan Filed For President INC. Jan 30, 2016 

Romney for President in January 2016. The document was begun in October 2015See History of Red Curve Solutions below.

This is preplanning to try and nominate Mitt Romney for President at a brokered/ or “open convention.” At the GOP Convention in Cleveland Ohio? 254 more words

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Sony has actually filed a license for a glove controller

It’s so bad.

Maybe Nintendo’s notoriously bad 1989 outer the Power Glove was really nearly three decades in advance of its time as Sony has recently submitted three licenses on its very own glove controller. 22 more words


Week 6 (Sunday): NVA

Read some of Baker 2008, and his proposal for a universal three-way distinction between nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Not hard to get behind. Interesting stuff about the unique situations you’ll find adjectives in as well. 24 more words