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Kaspersky full scan of VM Fileserver, active Memory use

Some cool Kaspersky images:
Kaspersky full scan of VM Fileserver, active Memory use

Image by Jemimus
Kaspersky Full first scan on our main fileserver (VM on ESX 4.1, 1vCPU, 1gb RAM). 21 more words

Utility Handset Server Logs

Generally you can view the fileserver Utility server webpage, and can download the log as a text file and use via Notepad etc.

However you can also SSH to the Utility server via the ‘admin’ login, and run the following commands; 97 more words


Slow performance when browsing your NTFS shares - are you using 8dot3?

Sometimes you encounter really slow perfomance on Windows Server File Servers when browsing an NTFS volume.

This can be due to the 8dot3 file naming dating back to MSDOS. 33 more words


Windows: New files temporarly not visibel for 3rd party applications

When new files are created on a Windows server some third party apps will not se the new file for a few seconds. This may cause unwanted delays. 72 more words


Trinity Rescue Kit allowed me to access files off a PC that wouldn’t boot into Windows

The Trinity Rescue Kit (“TRK” as I’ll refer to it in this article) is a wonderful tool to have in your tool bag if you’re an IT person. 458 more words

Search Service Cluster Edition

Windows Server File Services is a classic well known Service form Microsoft. If you use the Search bar on the top of every Windows Explorer Window since Windows 7, your fileserver will respond very fast with an result, but only if Search Service is installed. 339 more words

PowerShell: change TimeStamp of files on Windows Servers

So here we go: last post of 2013. First one about this great little tool: Powershell. It’s not directly related to databases, though. But this tool is reaching a mature state and it is so usefull for SQL Server administration that any tuned DBA can not give up on learning it. 200 more words