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Dear Mommy,

Wow, I love the sound of that! If you only knew how often I whisper your name as I watch you from up here—it’s the sweetest sound, far sweeter than the melodious sound of the harps and flutes that we play here. 1,987 more words

Diary of an OFW going home for vacation

I am excited to go home and be finally reunited with family but more so I am excited to be finally relaxing and not having to think about my commute from house to work and what to do and what not to do on a daily basis of survival here in Dubai.   274 more words

Ofw Goes Home

Building our home

I almost gave up on the dream of building our own house.  It just didn’t seem possible especially after the lupus came into my life. But here we are now, in a big yellow house on a farm and I have never been happiest or more content.   1,344 more words

Life And Living

The unit of womanhood.

Keeping up with the morning alarm habit, but this morning I finally pulled out my new sketchbook and brought out all my pencil cases. I put my name on the book, sharpened a fresh pencil, and spent about half an hour sketching on a page. 979 more words

Mornings And Mondays

The battles we won

“Today was a heartbreak. Like my heart is literally taken away from my chest. Mother’s love. Immeasurable. I thought I could sleep all through out this flight, but I can’t. 639 more words


Si by Bob Ong: A Book Review

After putting it down in awe, I imagined myself attending a forum held by the Bob Ong Fanatics somewhere in the vacuous universe of   Goodreads, standing before them ,  groping for words to break their silence . 1,375 more words

Philippine Literature

Anecdote of a Filipino Au Pair (1)

I received a couple of e-mails asking How I was doing as an Au Pair in US, How my life is moving to a foreign country living with people I don’t know, How I was able to give up my professional career for a role of ‘just’ a Nanny, and If they can do what I do. 599 more words

Au Pair For US From Philippines