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I remember growing up as a boy in Mindanao seeing my father getting on his green bike to go to Ateneo de Zamboanga where he was a Math and English teacher. 1,138 more words

Guido Delgado

Paano ba gumawa ng ala ala?

Binibilang ko ang araw hanggang matawid ko ang pagiging trenta. Mula sa nakaraan baon ko ang mga ngiti at luha pero bigla kong na isip na marami palang bagay ang hindi ko nadala sa aking ala ala. 504 more words

REFLECTION: Papal Visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines

January 15-19, 2015, Manila Philippines.

Since Pope Francis step in the country, I could not take my eyes and ears away from our television. I am just one of the million Filipinos who are excited to see the Pope and I am also just one of the million Filipinos who was moved by his presence, gestures and words. 1,846 more words

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Love Problems

Each relationships have their own issues, sometimes you feel afraid of confronting your partner  because you feel you would lose her/him if you do so. And most of us, just keep it all by ourselves, to show how strong we are and that we can deal with it alone. 99 more words

Filipino Family

"Filipino's in Nueva Espana" by Rudy P. Guevarra Reading Reflection

According to the journal article by Rudy P. Guevarra Jr. “Filipino’s in Nueva Espana: Filipino-Mexican Relations, Mestizaje, and Identity in Colonial and Contemporary Mexico”, Filipinos and Mexicans share many cultural similarities in their lifestyle, language, religion, and¬†food. 616 more words

The Struggles of Filipina Teachers Teaching in the U.S. | Documentary Journal

How does teaching in the US affect the teachers and their families back in the Philippines?

According to Ramona S. Diaz’s documentary film, Filipina teachers from the Philippines took the opportunity to temporarily leave their family behind, and move to the United States to teach at Harlem Park Community school in Baltimore in order to provide a substantial financial support of their family. 688 more words