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Friscopinos & the Native Immigrant

“Friscopino is never forgetting where you came from” —Tony Robles

Seated across Ro3lay in a humid conference room at the Bayanihan Community Center, I quickly cut to the chase, pressing my old friend for an answer from the heart: But WHY did you make…

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I recently started rereading Amy Tan’s books, which are known to dive deep into complicated mother-daughter relationships while navigating themes of immigrant struggle, sacrifice, and inheritances of wisdom. 1,200 more words

Emar Industriya's Industriyalismo

Listening to Emar Industriya’s ten-track album, Industriyalismo is a reminder of the huge potentials of Filipino/Tagalog hip-hop.

While his contemporaries are clamoring for a ride in the trap triplet train, Industriya tries to utilize a unique flow which maximizes the multi-syllabicness of the Filipino language. 196 more words


Wicca Mane/Eyedress' Gago Boyz Mixtape

Gago Boyz Mixtape has all the makings of a late 2010s rap album: minimalist arrangements, thick, almost nostalgic timbres, ‘edgy’ lyrics, bathroom reverb chants, and tasty 808s. 347 more words


Saint Ice Rock's "Talas" Compilation

There is not much information on Saint Ice Rocks on the internet yet, but despite the relative obscurity of this hip-hop act, there is definitely something here worth listening to. 168 more words