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Come Up with Your Own Funny Magic Words

To get extra laughs, or at least elicit smiles from the audience, stop using hocus pocus or abracadabra as magic words.  They are well worn-out and awfully not funny. 393 more words


Performing for Sick Children

Many of my friends may have noticed it already. I rarely attend charity shows when the audience comprises terminally ill children.

Contrary to rumors, I am a human being. 266 more words


Clichés in Magic Performances

Coming up with a sparkling patter to go with a magic performance is difficult. That explains why many stage magicians would rather perform in pantomime. 457 more words

Filipino Magician

How to Shut Up the Noisy Kids?

Dear Leodini,

Yesterday I performed magic at a boy’s seventh birthday party. I kept forgetting my script and the flow of my tricks, because the kids were super noisy. 243 more words

Filipino Magician

Three Types of Talk Children Use When Watching a Magic Show

I’ve heard magicians complain that children talk among themselves during a magic show.

What does this mean? my magician friends ask.

I don’t know what that means. 190 more words

Birthday Party

The Magic Lesson Secretly Written in A Beattle Song

I always evade questions that will date me.

For example, when someone asks me for my birthday, I answer, “March 9.”

If the one questioning is a pain-in-the-ass type and pursues the topic with a follow-up question, “What year?”, he gets a smart aleck answer, “Every year.” 240 more words

Birthday Party

Apologetics for Boastful Magicians

Mr. Humble wrote a letter yesterday asking why some magicians appear boastful.

To Mr. Humble, here are three reasons that drive magicians into bragging and displays of boastfulness: 325 more words

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