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Choosing Suitable Tricks: the Pathway to Distinctive Magic

Other magicians may find deciding which magic tricks to learn and to add to their repertoire a mundane task. For me, I find it exciting and, well, tricky. 546 more words


Laughter as an Instant Reaction Meter

There are many ways to gauge how great a magic show is going over.

The energy of the room, rounds of applause, ovations, shrieks, screams and gasps of surprise—these are all good indicators that the show is a smash hit. 211 more words

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When Performing Magic, Remember You Have an Audience

I had once an enlightening conversation with a waiter of a large catering service.

He said he had served many birthday parties and seen many magicians perform. 314 more words


Basking in Audience Adoration

As a magician in the Philippines, I believe gunning for enthusiastic audience reactions is every magician’s goal every time he performs.

Roars of amazement, thunderous applause, screams of delight—all this energizes him. 352 more words


To Listen to Advice or Not: That is the Question

As a magician in the Philippines, I am predisposed to giving advice.

I give advice to other magicians, friends and neighbors.  I even give advice to myself, which I don’t often heed. 399 more words

Filipino Magician

Update on Magicalifragilistrix

Alex Lagula, Cris Castro, Kent Estrada and I had a productive meeting yesterday with Ed de Guzman of the Meralco Theater.

We did an ocular familiarization of the prestigious theater, and it is what everybody says it is—and more. 345 more words

Filipino Magician

A Reader Asks: Are Professional Magicians Atheists?

Dear Leodini,

May I ask you an impertinent question? Are professional magicians atheists?

I have talked to many magicians, friends and acquaintances alike. I noticed they were all skeptical of miracles and unexplained phenomena. 395 more words

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