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Performing for Sick Children

Many of my friends may have noticed it already. I rarely attend charity shows when the audience comprises terminally ill children.

Contrary to rumors, I am a human being. 266 more words


Clichés in Magic Performances

Coming up with a sparkling patter to go with a magic performance is difficult. That explains why many stage magicians would rather perform in pantomime. 457 more words

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How to Shut Up the Noisy Kids?

Dear Leodini,

Yesterday I performed magic at a boy’s seventh birthday party. I kept forgetting my script and the flow of my tricks, because the kids were super noisy. 243 more words

Filipino Magician

Three Types of Talk Children Use When Watching a Magic Show

I’ve heard magicians complain that children talk among themselves during a magic show.

What does this mean? my magician friends ask.

I don’t know what that means. 190 more words

Birthday Party

The Magic Lesson Secretly Written in A Beattle Song

I always evade questions that will date me.

For example, when someone asks me for my birthday, I answer, “March 9.”

If the one questioning is a pain-in-the-ass type and pursues the topic with a follow-up question, “What year?”, he gets a smart aleck answer, “Every year.” 240 more words

Birthday Party

Apologetics for Boastful Magicians

Mr. Humble wrote a letter yesterday asking why some magicians appear boastful.

To Mr. Humble, here are three reasons that drive magicians into bragging and displays of boastfulness: 325 more words

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New Party Venues I Have Been To Lately

Performing at certain venues often makes me jaded about the place. The atmosphere feels familiar and the audience reactions become predictable.

That’s right, I can tell beforehand with 90% accuracy whether my show will kill or tailspin. 425 more words

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