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Add Laughter to Your Performance

Humor can do wonders to your performance.

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t make people laugh unless you are a born comedian. 241 more words

Birthday Party

Should You Say Celebrant or Celebrator?

Between celebrant and celebrator, which is the correct term to use?

This question crops up now and then at birthday parties. I suspect even you are not sure of the answer. 384 more words


Wielding the Magic Wand Again

I’m glad to be back in harness after close to three weeks of being confined to bed due to a pesky viral infection.

I’m still moping over seven year-end shows that I had to cancel voluntarily and three incoming New Year shows that I had to turn down. 76 more words

Birthday Party

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright...

Here’s my Christmas message to everyone: 

I wish the Baby in the manger bless you

and your family always.

May your days, may your days, and may your days, 12 more words

Filipino Magician

Forgiveness, Love and Cheers in the Aftermath of Miss U Blooper

In this Yuletide Season, I promise to FORGIVE, to spread LOVE and to give CHEERS to others.

Steve Harvey, I FORGIVE your misspelling on Twitter. I hate misspellings, because I never spell words inkorrectlly, especially a name of a country. 206 more words


The World of Magic Is Not So Secretive Anymore

Today I bemoan the passing of the age when every magician can be trusted to keep the secrets of magic.

In the Philippines, like in many places around the globe, the mysterious world of magic is an open city.  189 more words


The Basic Rules of Magic

You may have noticed it as well as I have. The advent of the Internet has made YouTube a leading source of knowledge for magicians. Especially for beginning magicians. 213 more words