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Reflections: Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino

No one can be thoroughly certain of the absolute truth of the past. Some truths we read from the book and some we heard from our ancestors but there will always be a hole somewhere in the story that can never be filled unless we try to find the absolute missing piece. 658 more words

My Grey Matter

10 Ways You Know You're Married to a Filipino

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I wanted to give a more lighthearted, humorous post. I am proud to be married to a Filipino man. Being an interracial couple in today’s society (thankfully) usually doesn’t pose a challenge. 842 more words

Obama Blocks Navy from Sailing Near Disputed Chinese islands 

Bill Gertz reports: The Obama administration has restricted the U.S. Pacific Command from sending ships and aircraft within 12 miles of disputed Chinese-built islands in the South China Sea… 601 more words

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