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The Fading Concept of Nationalism

After suffering through years of government education and socialization, a fair amount of sympathy for nationalism is predictable. From early on, teachers pass on patriotic myths to elementary school children in songs glorifying war and fairy tales presented as history, wherein government actions account for all success, wealth, and peace. 1,376 more words

Degrading Decorum

Margaux Justiniano Uson, more popularly known as Duterte supporter Mocha Uson, has been a constant personality in news stories concerning the President’s social media following. She has been making the headlines in her straightforward comments for and against Duterte critics and big media organizations. 498 more words


Due Process?...Aww, come on!


By Apolinario Villalobos

Given: The democracy system of the Philippines has three branches, Executive, Judiciary, and Legislative which are independent from each other. 545 more words

My bizarre magnet: Commercials

*Bizarre magnet will be a home to some random facts about me and thoughts in my weird little head. I’ll be talking about weird things I like or I’m attracted to, hence the words “bizarre” meaning strange and “magnet”, meaning a person or thing with a powerful attraction. 398 more words


Timeless Tradition

I personally enjoy attending family gatherings and celebrations; birthday, wedding, funeral (not so), baby’s 1st birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party, or an impromptu… 280 more words

Island Living

Ang Isang Araw sa Buhay ni Duday

Ang Isang Araw sa Buhay ni Duday

Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Nabanggit ko na noon sa naunang blog kung paanong sa gulang na 9 na taon ay ipinuslit si Duday mula sa Negros, sa pamamagitan ng “pag-empake” sa kanya sa isang karton upang maisakay sa barko at hindi masita ang recruiter. 737 more words