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I have yet to make more posts bashing Mich Liggayu, but in the meantime, I hereby sharing to you the posts I already made on bashing Mich Liggayu including the entire family simply because they are bunch of #whore family. 102 more words

Philippine Society

Jeepney Enlightenment

Have you ever heard the saying that you get to realize a whole lot of things and tickle your creativity when you’re travelling? Whether by plane or by car or even by public transportation, this happens and here’s one beautiful experience I had. 421 more words

Weekly Reflection Week 2: Bingo Birthday Night with the Filipino Manang/Manong

Another day at Bayanihan Center, I was working with the staff and volunteers of VEC. Caroline instructed me to input data into the database of all the clients who are part of BiSHoP (Bill Sorro housing program), that have submitted an application for a housing program in order to be eligible to be a part of the lottery process in which they would get a reasonable deduction off the rent. 837 more words

Weekly Reflection Week 1: Fight for our Veteranos

I arrived at the Bayanihan Community Center at 1010 Mission street early 8 o’clock in the morning of Sunday, November 9. I arrived at the Veterans Equity Center located at the left side of the building. 895 more words

Filipino Values | Pe-Pua and Protacio-Marcelino Reading | prompt 3

Filipino Values | Pe-Pua and Protacio-Marcelino Reading | prompt 3

Filipino values passed on by generations to generations. Even through the influences of the Spanish colonization and the U.S. 653 more words

Pinoy Ko Bai

Last Friday, I attended an open forum about my culture as a Filipino, organized by Christian Life Movement. The thing is, even though that I know some of Filipino values, I was still able to learn more about what being a Filipino really is. 125 more words

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