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The Good Samaritan sa isang printing booth/shop.

Well, I was just really scrolling dun sa list na lumabas when I searched for “FILIPINO ” tags.
ayun, just scroll and scroll,
until may nabasa ako, naintrigue at na-curious lang talaga ako sa title mismo, and you know what, hindi ako nagsisi na pinag aksayahan ko ito ng oras para basahin, it’s really worth reading, hindi ganun kahaba. 775 more words

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that shocky-fakey RICE!

What is this?  Is this for real? 😲Goodness Gracious!😓 Wth.😠This is too much to bear.This is totally insane and nerve-racking.

After melamine in milk and cardboard as siopao filling, now there’s resin in your rice! 462 more words

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Fight for Love? Fight for Pride?

I woke up this morning, with my twitter  and IG account on the line, What came to my attention are the rainbow thingy, from status,tweets to dp’s  of my IG and twitter friends. 674 more words


so close yet so far... :D

Wednesday Evening Rain is falling.
I mean it,like literally,
but if you insist,
then so be it.
I don’t care anyway.
There’s my bed, so accommodating. 134 more words

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"DFA says no to boycott of China-made goods" (#OpinionLangNaman @biadanessa)

“DFA says no to boycott of China-made goods”

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is not supporting calls to boycott products made in China amid China’s incursion on Philippine claimed territories in the West Philippine Sea. 623 more words

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Related FB posts bashing Mich Liggayu

I have yet to make more posts bashing Mich Liggayu, but in the meantime, I hereby sharing to you the posts I already made on bashing Mich Liggayu including the entire family simply because they are bunch of #whore family. 102 more words

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Jeepney Enlightenment

Have you ever heard the saying that you get to realize a whole lot of things and tickle your creativity when you’re travelling? Whether by plane or by car or even by public transportation, this happens and here’s one beautiful experience I had. 421 more words