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Recipe: My Filipino Chicken Adobo

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about why there’s few Filipino restaurants in the United States, why that’s important, and what foods you should try if you are given the opportunity to do so. 318 more words


Filipino Food - The long lost Asian cuisine

Today I want to talk about Filipino food. I am half-Filipino (on my mother’s side), and half-Caucasian. I grew up eating a very unique mix of cuisine, mostly American, but with some Filipino influences along with traditional Jewish food. 980 more words


Chronicles of an Island Girl

I never thought that I would love living in an island. I always see myself as a city girl, middle of everything and in the limelight type of person. 307 more words


Visa for Filipinos Going to Japan with a Guarantor

I can’t believe I am actually making this blog on how to get a visa and pass the Philippine immigration to Japan. Prior to this, I had been trying so hard to find answers that I want in getting a visa. 1,450 more words


HOW TO: Japan Authenticated and Notarized Affidavit of Support/ Guarantee for Traveling Filipinos

Getting offloaded at the immigration is probably one of the worst nightmares for Filipinos who wish to travel or work abroad. I have read tons of blogs and posts online regarding this issue. 925 more words



A man is like a mirror

What he appears to be

Depends on what

Is in front of him

He appears strong

From his experiences…

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No Rice is Safe with Ginamos

When trying to explain the ginamos, a Filipino will be hard pressed not to drool, at the same time do a bit of nose wiggle-wrinkle in remembrance of the smell. 186 more words

Filipino Comfort Food