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Merlin - Kathy Mar


“Merlin,” a fantastically creepy interpretation of Arthurian legend by Doug McArthur, performed here by Kathy Mar. If you’re familiar with the BBC TV show version of the character, this is… pretty much the exact opposite of that. 15 more words


When Eagles Fall - Mark Horning

When Eagles Fall

15 years…

Columbia has fallen, from a brilliant azure sky,

And left a wake of smoke and flame, thirty-eight miles high,

And seven of our very best, are gone forevermore, 12 more words


Alien Salad Abduction - Chris Conway

Some filk songs narrate Serious, Philosophically Meaningful first contact scenarios… this is not one of those filk songs.

Lyrics available here.


Livejournal Shanty - Brooke vs. John

And it’s way hey, me lads, click on refresh again
There might be a new posting by one of your friends
Yes it’s way hey, me boys, leave a comment or two…

91 more words

Sura esha’lines eranain - rubesco


A Dalish lullaby I wrote. It uses the tune of Rozhinkes mit Mandlen, a Yiddish lullaby. I used Project Elvhen to construct the sentences (I’ll put my translation and explanation below the cut so people can have a go at translating it themselves if they want)

29 more words

Replicator Malfunction Blues - Chris Conway

I got the replicator malfunction blues
It messes up whatever I choose
Chief come and fix it and don’t be late
We never had this trouble on Deep Space 8…

55 more words