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Ant-Man, the Filk

Today saw the recent MCU film “Ant Man” with J, who enjoyed it. I liked it, although the MCU has definitely settled into a formula. More to the point, it reminded me that I wrote a filk about Ant-Man a few years ago. 189 more words


Song Update: "In Wolf's Clothing"

On the subject of things not related to my longer works, I have a few more that express varying viewpoints of traditional stories, as well as a couple that would be better classified as fractured fairytales. 448 more words


"If I Were a Bell" - rewritten for a modern user

Do you know the tune of “If I Were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls? The lyrics below are rewritten to fit them.

This goes out to all of the people who ever made fun of me for my lack of tech-savvy, and to all those who encouraged me to give the internet a chance. 326 more words

Word Nerd

Holodeck Follies - Captain's Epilogue - Rubix Q (S3E6)

June 3rd (S3E6): Rubix Q

Captain Field’s Log, stardate June 4, 2015.
Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q
We had a blast creating silly Star Trek adventures even though the USS Albatross didn’t survive the trip!  162 more words

Holodeck Follies

Holodeck Follies - Solve The Rubix Q Tonight!

Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q
We are going to have a blast with tonight’s episode! 145 more words

Holodeck Follies

Coming Soon: Live Taping of Holodeck Follies - June 3rd

Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q
Watch the crew of the USS Albatross as they create improvised Star Trek adventures (and songs) based on your suggestions. With The Dandies (Andie Leathley, Dale Wells, Alan Leightizer, and music director Jason Zinger) with… 74 more words

Holodeck Follies

JSC Interns Have All The Fun

I love the stuff they put up on the ReelNASA channel on YouTube.  ;-)  Here are a few musical tributes to perk up your Monday! 6 more words