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Fille Du Roy - Heather Dale

Nineteen young women asleep in their bunks
But one up on deck here with me
She’s watching the stars with the wind in hair
And she tells me her name is Marie…

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Feel it All - Leslie Hudson

Always was a little different
Always had a shimmer mind
Blurring in and out of focus
Seeing blind 

“Feel it All,” Leslie Hudson’s song for Jean Grey.

Lyrics available on bandcamp.


There Will Be a Fic on AO3 - spiderladyceo, goodqueenalys, & other Tumblr contributers



Inspired by this post. Lyrics credit goes to everyone who contributed, I just made it scan. Three cheers to @goodqueenalys, and I hope it was OK I made a recording!

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Smile! - The PDX Broadsides

Please don’t ask me to smile
Please don’t tell me to cheer up
This is my face and it isn’t your place to tell me how…

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Song of Fey Cross - Three Weird Sisters

Outside of our town, at the edge of the forest
Two roads come together, they call it Fey Cross
And there at the crossroads, away from the roadside…

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Kessel Run - Murder Ballads

Well, I hope you don’t mind me interrupting you miss
What’s a girl like you doing on a planet like this?
I really wouldn’t mind spending time with you…

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DMZ - Leslie Hudson

It’s more convenient to label us the dissidents
So you can sleep at night
We are the symptom things are more rotten
Than they are black and white 

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