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Across the Water - Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters

so I’ll see you across the water
still the one & still my daughter
still you grow
& your list is getting shorter
& it’s you who gave the order for you know…

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Gilbert’s Greatsword - Annwn

Braw and bold, he went a-raiding;
stout and strong, he went to war.
Long his lady will be waiting;

Gilbert’s greatsword strikes no more.

Apparently, there was an SCA contest for best elegy, so Leigh Ann Hussey wrote a song for the “death” of a player in “Steal the Sheep” earlier that day, a game where teams compete to move a stuffed sheepskin across a field.

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Refusal of the Call - Beth Kinderman

I picked up some stones & then
I made myself a labyrinth
built the walls so high til I
could not see the stars
so tell your metamorphosis…

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B54 Mini Interviews with Lojo Russo, The Fabulous Lorraine and Maryelizabeth Yturralde

Happy New Year, Boskone fans! We’re excited to present our annual Mini Interview blog series to help you get to know your favorite Boskone guests better. 963 more words

Mini Interviews

Nation Called Panem

by Shawna Jacques
written about Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins),
ttto “City of Marrow” by S.J. Tucker,

which is written for a book called Orphan’s Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice, 511 more words


Raucous, Rude, and Rowdy - Mercedes Lackey

 We’re raucous, rude, and rowdy
And ask us if we care!
We have our boisterous buddies
And food that we don’t share

 We’re foremost at a party…

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Song Of The Hertasi Water Killers - Mercedes Lackey


Never think a servant cannot
Have his own free will
Never think that those who serve
Do not know how to kill

Owlflight: Song Of The Hertasi Water Killers – Mercedes Lackey…

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