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Filkin' Around: Umber Hulk Eyes

Update 31 hits tomorrow! YAY!

To celebrate U31, aka “Gnomework,” and the fact that WE’RE GETTING UMBER HULKS!, I thought a filk might be in order. 116 more words

Song Update (finally!): "Cold Fire"

I live! Thanks to all of those who stuck with me. I’ve been a little uninspired to write posts over March and some of April, and this blog fell a bit by the wayside. 711 more words


Streaming Themes

So, last weekend I had the online Firefly themed concert. It was both different and the same.

Having Dave Falk join me really enhanced the dynamic, and audience participation seemed largely dedicated to cracking me up with quotes from the show, which was awesome. 168 more words

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT | Birds of Chicago

My particular taste in music has recently broadened in the direction of softer, almost jazz-like sounds. This stemmed from an early interest in Americana, which led to contemporary folk. 302 more words


"The Traveler"

“The road goes ever on,” beyond horizons,
Into shadow, God alone knows where,
And, burdened, “I must follow if I can.”
For, though all fall away, and peril come,

246 more words

Another Ten Years

The 2.31 people who read this blog are probably familiar with my love of writing filks, or parody songs. Mostly my efforts have been funny, or at least were intended to be funny (whether I succeeded… yeah, jury’s still out on that one). 587 more words


Filk: "Space Uranium Fever"

Ttto and blatantly imitating: “Uranium Fever”, by Elton Britt .

Verse 1

Well I don’t know but I’ve been told
Reactor fuel’s worth more than gold… 385 more words