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Children of Light - Leslie Hudson

I am a hologram
Live my life as a photonic
I am a hologram
Is that all that I am? 

“Children of Light,” an anthem for hologram rights from Leslie Hudson.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.


Really Big Chickens - The Doubleclicks

Dinosaurs were just really, really big chickens
Growing up is just being a really big kid

“Really Big Chickens,” a reassuring reminder from the Doubleclicks.

Lyrics available here.


Outward Bound - Echo’s Children

“They’re looking for a scientist,” my buddy said one day,
“‘Course, the only thing that’s smaller than the quarters is the pay,
But it does mean work in orbit–” I said “Get out of my way!”

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Wall of Mountains High - primarybufferpanel


A song you might sing around a campfire if the next morning you’re planning to drive your war rig right through the middle of the Immortan’s army to try to take his stronghold.

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Everybody Dies - The PDX Broadsides

I love to watch my Game of Thrones – by far my favorite show
But if you haven’t seen it and know nothing like Jon Snow…

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Roll the Old Shuttle-Ship Along - Araxie Haldane & Nana Graye


@howtotrainyournana and I singing a space filk of the traditional sea shanty “Roll The Old Chariot Along,” written by Nana.


Oh we’ll be alright with the sunbeams in our sails…

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Paper Moon - Seanan McGuire

“Paper Moon” by Seanan McGuire, performed here by Seanan, S.J. Tucker, Vixy & Tony, and Betsy Tinney.

As Seanan explains before performing, “In a dimension very much like our own, Firefly is still on the air and they’ve made spin offs. 17 more words