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Filkin' Around: "Call Any Hireling"

My guildie Comic Relief made the most of his 100th blog post, which detailed 100 things he likes about DDO.

One of these days I should do something similar. 120 more words

Filkin' around: "Purple Worm"

I’m sure anyone who read my last blog will be very glad that Niituna has been forbidden to touch the computer again. Ever. The strain on my Caps Lock key was incredible. 379 more words

Let's not surrender fandom to bullies

The illiberal factions in fandom just want power. They don’t care much whom they go after, as long as they can flex their muscles. The Worldcon 75 committee has offered the latest sample of this, shoving Dave Weingart out as the filk head. 603 more words


Kit Does Filk: "Catch a Bulbasaur"

I’m sure you’ve all see that rather clever Pokemon-edited chorus from “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the Proclaimers that’s been making the rounds on Tumblr and Facebook. 508 more words

Hey Look! I Recorded a Song!

So, in a fit of cosmic irony, I was challenged to make a mix tape about ‘Sweater Weather’

(which can be found here.)

For some silly reason I wanted to include ‘Such Great Heights’ but EVERY VERSION of that song is something I consider UNNECESSARILY LONG. 19 more words

Life Is Awesome

Sung Wherever The Imperial Exploratory Service Buys Liquor

(Very lightly filkificated¬†for somewhat-inebriated Eldraeverse purposes from “Space Shanty“, by The Senate. The vast majority of the words remain theirs.)

Oh, the whiskey is floatin’, won’t stay in me glass – 173 more words


Double Update: Squeee!

Life Update

There has been much squeeing on my part for most of May due to the filk organizer at a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Pittsburgh… 102 more words