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Editing: cut out unnecessary words

Aaaah – that moment when you finish writing an article, a book chapter, a film scene, a report – for a second, it is perfect.  Then you look to revise and edit – and when you look, there is plenty of fluff to cut out. 140 more words


Why study French Literature?

There are many reasons to study French Literature, one of which is the fact that the literature in France is really good.

Wait… that’s it? Just the literature in France is really good? 53 more words


My Hero Academia, Season Four, Episode One Review: The first episode is here!... And it's filler.

My Hero Academia season four is finally here but off to a less than stellar start.
That is not to say that the first episode “The Scoop on U.A Class 1-A” is bad but it is a filler episode that is mainly used as a recap. 433 more words


Happy Monday - Another Filler :) (280/365)

Happy Monday! The day gets a bad reputation, it’s the beginning of the week which symbalises the start of work, school and responsibility. Monday is the loser amongst the days and I guess Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the cool kids. 194 more words

2019 Challenge

Sometimes I Feel Old (276/365)

In case you havent been following this challenge from the start or have me on any social media, you might not know that I have younger siblings. 173 more words

2019 Challenge

Missing from home

The September 22 1926 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this plea for help:

A search through the Runnymede section of the Toronto city directories revealed that her name was actually Alice Collinson, and her address was actually 22 Jillson Avenue. 29 more words

Another Day, Another Blog Post (258/365)

I’ve reached that point again where I’m not entirely sure what to write about, I don’t have anything particularly profound on my mind and in all honesty this is the first day I’ve had to myself in a while so I’m enjoying the alone time. 87 more words

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