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Channel 2 ABS-CBN Franchise Disapproved and Denied

Tomorrow, 10 August 2020, will be the 1st month since ABS-CBN or locally known as Channel 2 and also popularly called the “Kapamilya” network, was denied a renewal of its franchise. 158 more words


Zinnia: A Summer Annual Superstar

Zinnia are a great way to add height, filler, or a boarder with a pollinator-friendly annual. They are also great in containers – fillers in large pots or thrillers in a smaller pot. 577 more words


Filler from 1937

One thing that I love about old newspapers is the little bits of filler that would be added to random columns to fill space. Presumably, newspaper editors had a stock of these on hand, and could add one or more as needed. 87 more words

Lets Talk Botox Baby (and Filler) !!!

Have you ever seen someone with skin so flawless, you wonder if God himself does their skincare routine? We all know someone whose skin is just perfect. 1,005 more words

Six Naruto filler episodes worth your time

Most long-running anime series will have at least a few filler episodes. The internet abounds with viewing guides to cut out filler entirely and focus only on the meat of the story. 828 more words


Arrant Adequacy

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