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Retro Review: The Mummy Returns @ Infinispace.net

The text below the break is part of a theatrical review originally published on May 7th, 2001.
Here are some updated thoughts:  My opinion on The Mummy Returns really hasn’t wavered over 15 years.   36 more words


[Review] Now You See Me 2

Setiap film yang punya Sekuel atau prekuel, pasti dibandingkan sama film sebelumnya. Kayak film ini yang kemudian gua bandingkan dengan film pertamanya yang berjudul sama. Dengan mayoritas pemain yang masih sama dan dengan cerita yang berlanjut, seharusnya Now You See Me 2 bisa bikin lebih greget dari pada film pertamanya. 579 more words



This hashtag started trending on Twitter after Hillary Clinton’s speech about the Alt-Right movement.  As some readers may remember, I’ve had lively debates with some Alt-Right writers in the past… 107 more words

My Opinion

War Dogs Review

While the basic plotline is interesting, some familiar performances and some distracting pacing issues take this away from the riotous adventure promised in the trailer to a subpar emulation of the Wolf of Wall Street. 382 more words


The Purge: Election Year Review

The third installment in the survivor franchise definitely delivers its most enjoyable entry to date but a well tread plot and familiar characters doesn’t really help it stand out from the others. 573 more words


Don't Breathe is the Best Film of the Summer

So the best movie of the summer and maybe the best horror film of the year is about white kids in Detroit robbing a blind guy. 333 more words