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Jean Renoir on how the Grand Illusion came about

Taken from a seminar conducted on April 14, 1970, at the American Film Institute. This interview with the legendary French director, Jean Renoir, explored–among other things–the origin of one of his most cherished films (and one of the best of all time),  461 more words


Film Review: Spectre

In association with the Grosvenor

Opening at a macabre parade in Mexico, Spectre starts like any classic Bond film: a pretty woman left waiting in the hotel room as Bond finishes an assassination; a mission that goes awry; and an explosive fight scene where Bond manages to pilot a plummeting helicopter to safety, all before the opening credits roll. 325 more words


Punchy (Film Review)

This is it Readers! This is the last stop before the new movie! Hold on to your pants readers, we’re going back to almost 10 years for this one! 525 more words


Deadlines, shmedlines...

Deadlines can be two things at once; an amazing blessing and a dreadful curse. Think about it; it is a blessing because you have a goal in mind, something to strive for and on the flip side, every day that passes by the pressure/stress of making said deadline just increases. 485 more words


Steve Jobs

Making a film about the recently deceased can be difficult.  It can easily descend into a cynical cash grab, taking advantage of people’s sudden need to honour a dead person they didn’t care about much when they were alive.   824 more words


For anyone who's their own worst Enemy

A man makes it his mission in life to find his exact look-alike after spotting him in a film.

Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a Toronto-area history teacher who leads a very mundane life. 560 more words


"Rise of the Guardians" - Surprisingly Delicious.

Rise of the Guardians – ★★★★

I had a serious case of strep throat a few weeks ago, and decided I needed to watch a nice, animated film. 757 more words