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Beauty and the Beast Review

I won’t deny it; I have been waiting for a Beauty and the Beast live-action film for a while now. When Bill Condon’s new work of the same title hit the big screen mid-March, I was as excited as a kid in a candy shop; especially so because I adore the 1991 Disney’s animated musical. 856 more words


Film Review: Fifty Shades Darker

Watching Fifty Shades Darker is like sitting in a restaurant waiting for a date when you’re not even sure they’re going to show up.  It’s embarrassing, infuriating and soul-crushing all at the same time. 484 more words

Exploring the Dark Side of Experimental Films

Going to the cinema is and has been a joy for millions of people for about a century now. Even if the film you end up seeing turns out to be putrid, there’s something special about sitting down in your seat, whether you’re by yourself, with friends, on a date etc., watching the lights dim down and waiting for the film to start. 733 more words

University Of Glasgow

Short Film: ORANGE

This is my latest short film and the second part of a quadrilogy-in-progress focused on the state of nature through the seasons. ORANGE is set in Winter and features a short poem read in voice-over. 53 more words


[Film] Beauty and The Beast

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Sejak nonton Beauty and The Beast yang versi…

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Berlin is a city on the move. Like the people who live here it is permanently restless, forever going somewhere but never really getting there, its roots never reach deep in case next marching orders were to come. 339 more words


Finland 100: The midwife

At the gate, I remembered the cover. My bookmark slid over it, obscuring the emblem behind the title text. I was about to board the plane to Berlin – and I had to finish this and put it in my bag before I landed, because displaying the national socialist image on the front would be illegal in Germany. 276 more words