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Only God Forgives

(To check out my previous Refn essay click here: Drive)

Only God Forgives is Nicolas Winding Refn’s 9th feature length film and his tenth film overall if one counts the made-for-TV Miss Marple: Nemesis film released in 2007. 1,131 more words


Sora Aoi: Renfield's Heartbreak

Sora Aoi: Renfield’s Heartbreak

The billionaire ancient Egyptian vampire Set sat in the chair of his living room and read a story in The Times of London about how millions of young Chinese males were heartbroken when they heard the news that Japanese porn star Sora Aoi was getting married. 242 more words

Vampire Novel

Carnival of Souls

Carnival of Souls. Carnival of Souls. What to say about Carnival of Souls that has not already been said?

A young man, Herk Harvey, went to University for theatre. 1,083 more words


The Story of Yanagawa's Canals

(Check out my essay on Takahata’s previous masterpiece Gauche the Cellist if you haven’t already!)

Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata’s sixth film is unlike any of his previous work, the previous work of his contemporaries, or even the future work of any of these parties. 1,042 more words



Turen har nu kommit till Patric att ge sina ”bästa” från 2017! Då podden har ett litet uppehåll till nästa säsong drar igång, så bjuder istället våra panelmedlemmar på sina favoriter från året här på bloggen. 1,561 more words


Romp of The Vampiresses

Romp of The Vampiresses

Here’s a photo and video montage video I made and posted at YouTube nine years ago:

The song was written, composed and sung by well known YouTuber Natalie Tran also known as CommunityChannel whose videos are absolutely hilarious. 45 more words