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Deadpool Review

As another year approaches, so begins the next chapter of comic book adaptations. Throughout the years, 20th Century Fox has slowly lost their tight grip on the rights to some of Marvels most famous heroes. 645 more words


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Whatever you’re doing right now, stop it. What I’m about to say is huge, and if you haven’t heard it already, you’ll want to remember where you were when you heard it. 231 more words


Bringing Up Race Doesn't Mean the Desire for Division

With race relations being the worst they have been in years, it is important I bring up this issue. With the release of Beyonce’s new single… 591 more words



This movie will play your heart strings like a fucking fiddle. It’s a horror story, that is told through the view point of innocence. Making an entirely unique, story telling experience. 407 more words


The Finest Hours Review

As we approach the middle of February, the films that have been released haven’t been great. Disney’s latest effort ‘The Finest Hours’ is further evidence that this month isn’t going to be the most exciting for cinemagoers. 401 more words


Buster-galan 2016

It’s that time of the year again!

Så småningom börjar den årliga prissäsongen, där alla sorters filmer prisas och ges gyllene statyetter av varierande former. Men det finns en ganska viktig filmkategori som tenderar att hamna i skymundan – de så kallade blockbuster-filmerna. 534 more words



I have not started drumming. But I’ll figuratively try to drum some life back into this old horse.

New theme: welcome, make yourself at home. 656 more words