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Film Review - Passengers

There’s a single moment in Passengers where a paradox causes a slight, pained twitch on the face of Android barman Arthur, played by Michael Sheen doing his best to cap every scene off with an almighty wink to Joe Turkel in the Shining. 301 more words

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Who Will Win at the Academy Awards?

-A list of predictions for the Academy Awards this Sunday night (from selected categories). 2,060 more words

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Film Review: Free Fire

In association with Glasgow Film Festival 2017

Following the success of 2015 sci-fi hit High Rise comes Ben Wheatley’s claustrophobic 70s gangster shoot-out Free Fire. The set-up is simple; Frank (Michael Smiley) and Chris (Cillian Murphy) are in Boston to buy a cache of weapons for the IRA. 265 more words

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Peter Parkkerr Films

Peter Parkkerr is an on the rise film director in the Tri-State area. Below is a brief interview I conducted along with footages that give better insight to what it is this director does. 7 more words


Film Review: Breaking A Monster

Feb. 25 / 17

Hey! Going to give my review of the documentary film, Breaking A Monster. This film, directed by Luke Meyer, follows three young African-American kids from Brooklyn, New York. 410 more words


Hold on to Happiness

There are times it feels like you really have to reach to find happiness. There are times it feels like everything around you is angry, dark, and heavy. 996 more words


Siberia In A Summer Dress

In association with the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Siberia in a Summer Dress

Siberia in a Summer Dress is a thirteen minute short exploring one of the many atrocities of the Second World War: the mass deportation of Bessarabians and other native people to Siberia in 1941, following the occupation of Bessarabia (now mostly the Republic of Moldova and a bit of Ukraine) by the Red Army and Soviet political police. 550 more words

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