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Character Research




​According to Slate, “Dambe was historically practiced by the Hausa butchers’ guild around harvest or festival time and was considered to be a test of bravery, a rite of passage for marriage, or preparation for war.” The west African boxing style is extremely popular in Nigeria, southern Niger and Chad, where boxers fight with one hand. 800 more words

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Stop-Motion Evaluation

Stop-motion Evaluation

After collecting materials like polystyrene balls, wire and plastic bags, we set about making our puppets. Millie focused on making the monster and I focused on the boy. 188 more words

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Set Development

The trees were made out of cardboard, covered in foil in order to stop the soaking of the cardboard, then paper-mached to give them strength and texture. 34 more words

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Boy Puppet Development

Two sizes of the boys head were made. The larger head was made for close up shots and the smaller head was made for the full body shots. 97 more words

Film 3

Monster Puppet Development

Millie created the monster by paper-mache-ing a polystyrene ball and covering it in cotton wool and glue. The horns and the eye were carved from more polystyrene and painted. 37 more words

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