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Melancholia Film Analysis: Lars von Trier's Meditation on Depression

A commonly reported symptom of clinical depression is a warped sense of time. In fact, depression warps everything around it, like how a star warps space-time. 1,260 more words


The Forest (2016)

SUMMARY of PLOT (skip down to ANALYSIS if you don’t want SPOILERS):

In Jason Zada’s The Forest (2016), lead actress Natalie Dormer plays Sarah as she travels to Japan in search of her identical twin sister Jess (also Natalie Dormer). 1,261 more words


Long Live the Welfare Queen? A Critical Analysis of John Berry's Film Claudine

The film that I am analyzing this week is Claudine (1974), starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. The film’s director John Berry, who directed more than 30 films in his lifetime, was not only savvy behind the camera, but also served as a writer, actor and producer on various projects. 2,558 more words