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Why are all the superheroes fighting?

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What Went Wrong With... Shawn Levy?

It’s extremely strange that someone like Shawn Levy exists in show business, his lack of talent is pretty self evident and simply glancing at a list of his films is enough to convince anybody that he’s a second-rate shit peddler. 580 more words


What Went Wrong With... Whitewashing Roles?

Whitewashing in film is the practice of casting a white Actor for a role originally intended for someone of colour. In a previous article I wrote about white Actors donning black, brown, or yellow-face to “accurately” play minority roles, but this time I thought I’d write about something much more insidious, an attempt by mainstream entertainment to completely remove any traces of colour from film. 2,122 more words


We Watch Comic Book Trailers: Captain America - Civil War

Thomas Hamilton: HELL. YES.


 Jd Korejko: I think for a first trailer, it looks a lot like BUCKY THE MOVIE. But nothing in the trailer really spoke to me other than Stark’s “So Was I” 424 more words

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We Watch Comic Book Trailers: X-Men: Apocalypse

Tom Moore III: Staying with Fox…

Jd Korejko: Ohhhhh. This one. Hmmm.

R-Son the Voice of Reason: Apocalypse looks great!

Jd Korejko: I want to be excited for this. 1,021 more words

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We Watch Comic Book Trailers: Deadpool

Tom Moore III: Let’s start with something easy. Deadpool.

Out of all the properties Fox has screwed up, THIS is the thing they seem to get right. 404 more words

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We Watch Comic Book Trailers Pt. 1

2016 is going to be another big year for comic book movies (which is okay with me) but fanbases are conflicted about those movies. So I sought out a range of opinions from other people more than qualified to offer a very educated opinion on the trailers AND on comics and then we argued like teenagers trapped on a long car ride. 234 more words

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