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June 01, 2015: The Day Prabhat Puraskar created history – Flashback Part II

Recap: The Flashback part I recounts the trailblazing journey of Prabhat Film Company from its inception to reaching the zenith through innovation and excellence in all aspects of film making. 564 more words


June 01, 2015: The Day Prabhat Puraskar created history - Flashback Part I

Preface: Before we see how Prabhat Puraskar made history in film awards, we need to revisit another chapter in the history of films; that of Prabhat Film Company. 531 more words


2015 CINEDEAF Awards

LISTEN, EVEN WHEN YOUR HEART IS CRYING was unexpectedly nominated for Best Documentary in the 2015 CINEDEAF Awards in Rome on Sunday 7th June, where the film had its Italian premiere and I was invited on stage for a brief presentation in International Sign. 75 more words




Hey guys!

So I’ve entered my film into an online film awards festival – and would really appreciate if you could watch it, share/like!


The Making of History in Film Awards

Feeling immensely proud to be a part of the digital marketing, publicity and PR team of Prabhat Puraskar in the MAKING OF HISTORY by becoming perhaps the FIRST Indian Films Awards to use the digital technology in going global and organising online awards nomination and declaration event starting from Saturday 23rd May and culminating yesterday, 1st June 2015. 88 more words


May 14, 2015 | Dream Journal | Winning An Acting Award

Dream 1

I barely remember part of a dream fragment that took place inside my parent’s house during the day, I remember going into the kitchen and noticing that we had Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and then I think that I remember Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being in the living room; and something happened to him (someone possibly hit him with something and/or did a wrestling move on him and/or something that I can not remember) and then he was going to do his finishing move The Rock Bottom on someone or me, and maybe this was for fun/a joke but I can not remember. 1,234 more words

Dream Journal

Submission & selection

All the submissions we receive are watched in their entirety by at least one of our judges.

The initial selection is essentially a process of marking out any film which has qualities that the judge is looking for, for example, originality, writing, pacing, performances. 168 more words