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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22


Re “Canada robs itself of energy prosperity” (Editorial, Nov. 18): Stifling prosperity with deadweight regulation is part of our Canadian dilemma: The administrative state feeds itself and lets the rest of the country flounder, while smugly asserting that unemployment and ghost towns are caused by our stupidity rather than theirs. 512 more words


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 19

I read with great disdain in the guest column how Glenn Thibeault is trying to sell us on how his Liberal cohorts are helping Ontario residents save all this money on their hydro bills (“NDP misses mark on Fair Hydro Plan,” Nov. 562 more words


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16

There seems to be a lot of talk and buzz with a mounting movement to boycott established stores that want to or will sell pot. 521 more words


Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6


Since we live in a society of “fairness”, I believe the government should extend that fairness to trick-or-treaters. To that end, I propose that the Ontario and federal governments implement a trick-or-treat tax every Halloween. 456 more words

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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 31

BAD DEALThat was one powerful, insightful article by Mark Bonokoski on the imbalance of justice meted out to our indigenous brothers and sisters, versus millions in compensation for three Canadians reportedly tortured in Syria (“Numbers don’t add up,” Oct. 434 more words


Day 68: Asking to be a TA + Bonus

Challenge: Going to my Media Production I professor’s office hours and asking how to be a teaching assistant for coming semesters.

What I am afraid of: 341 more words


Fredericton's 48 Hour Film Competition returns for the 10th year

Whether you choose to see a movie in the theatre, or select one on Netflix, what you watch can take years to reach the final product you see. 557 more words