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Continuity is Important: How to Keep it Consistent

Written by Brenden Bell.

As an independent filmmaker, continuity isn’t something you really think about as relevant or important to a film. Especially when you’ve never made one. 907 more words

How adVINTAGEous - 'Flog it' comes to Huddersfield

Being the neurotic collecting freak that I am, I was pretty excited when I found out that not only was popular BBC antiques series Flog It coming to Huddersfield, where I live, but also that my annual leave from work coincided with the date. 1,245 more words

While in LA

So last week I was fortunate to travel to LA for a work trip, it was my first time to visit this part of California and it also marked the first trip of 2017. 1,731 more words


A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob uderza do kin. Ta absolute wspaniała historia o uzależnionym od narkotyków ulicznym artyście James’ie Bowen’ie wzrusza i rozbawia ludzi dookoła świata. 95 more words


I teach young people how to make media so they can become better filmmakers and media consumers! Manuela Maiguashca

In this interview, we have covered the profile of Manuela Maiguashca, who produces documentaries on stigmatized communities but also loves to share her media skills with students (both adults and children). 618 more words


Film Crew Club for Parents: Support your child's media! by Manuela Maiguaschca

This “hands on” workshop is aimed at parents and teachers who would like to learn more about supporting, co-creating and sharing media content with their children and teenagers. 129 more words


Interview with Editing Filmmaker: Spenser Reich 

I’m Spenser. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and moved down to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking. I am currently a freelance editor and can’t imagine having a career doing anything else. 2,040 more words

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