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REVIEW - Dark Habits (1983)

A few weeks ago, I was offered a chance to take a look at a newly-released box set of remastered films by Pedro Almodovar and despite having nothing much else to write about at the moment, I hesitated. 481 more words


A Film about Everything

Terrence Malick’s latest, “Voyage of Time,” appears to be as ambitious as it sounds, a visual journey from the beginning of time to the end of it, and it could be incredible.   334 more words

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Trump at the Movies

Donald Trump’s favorite movie is Citizen Kane, probably because it’s pretentious and American. He explains the film — and his advice for Charles Foster Kane — in a short film by  80 more words


Noir-ing It Up

CAUTION: Contains “spoilers.”

“Hi, Nelly!” began as a sprightly 1933 newspaper-drama in which managing editor Paul Muni choses to “back the wrong horse” by not tarring a missing banker as an embezzler. 552 more words

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REVIEW - Nostalgia (1983)

My Tarkovskyian odyssey continues… FilmJuice have my review of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia, the film he made in Italy prior to his self-imposed exile from the Soviet Union. 1,021 more words

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31 - Nostalgic Hellbilly Roadshow

31 (2016)
Written & Directed by Rob Zombie
Starring Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Malcolm McDowell

It’s pretty much become a requirement now for horror fans to embrace nostalgia. 1,426 more words


"Snowden" Fails as a Look Into Snowden's Inner Turmoil, But Succeeds as a Love Story

Image Credit to Variety

The last thing we see before Snowden’s end credits sequence is a title card informing us that Edward Snowden resides in Russia, a country he wishes to leave, but cannot because the United States revoked his passport after he stole secret documents and gave them to the press. 1,173 more words