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Przesluchanie (Interrogation) (1982- original release) - Short Review

I am still trying to find the right words to express how I feel about Ryszard Bugajski’s Przesluchanie (Interrogation) – the deep-founded emotions and observations it drew out of me, and the tremendous, almost unbearably painful (psychological), weight of its heavy subject matter. 226 more words

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REVIEW -- Drone (2014)

FilmJuice have my review of Tonje Hessen Shei’s Drone, a shortish documentary about the use of drones in the American War on Terror.

As a long-time science fiction fan who once studied war in an academic setting, I must admit that I find the rise of drone warfare to be an endlessly fascinating subject. 489 more words


The Power of Uncertainty

A couple of nights ago, I saw the movie Rashomon, by Akira Kurosawa, for the first time. The central event of the film is the death of a samurai in the woods. 891 more words

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Skřivánci na niti (Larks on a String) (1969): Subversive Socialist Critique

A vivacious anti-totalitarian statement, Skřivánci na niti (Larks on a String) follows a group of former bourgeoisie (appropriately named ‘Professor,’ ‘Doctor,’ and other suitable titles) who work in a junkyard for the purposes of re-education under communist (socialist) order. 177 more words

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Film Odyssey

I recently underwent the epic task of watching the 15 hour documentary The Story of Film: An Odyessy. And what an odyssey it was.  I came out the other end with a whole new understanding of, and appreciation of film.  622 more words

Dzieje grzechu (The Story of Sin) Film Review: The Poetry of Walerian Borowczyk

Walerian Borowzcyk’s Dzieje grzechu (The Story of Sin) mixes subtle symbolism, religious motifs and social commentary with naturalistic performances, piercing classical music, and an unnerving air of sexual euphoria and explicit violence providing a jarring insight into a sinful existence, void of virtue and grace. 379 more words

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Assault on Original Sci-Fi: Have Fans Become Agents of the Machine?

Something has happened to original celluloid science/speculative fiction in recent years. Creators of new ideas, those stories generated through inspiration or ideas scribbled in notebooks as a child, are assailed and mercilessly pilloried for seemingly minor entertainment transgressions. 836 more words

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