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American Sniper and Socially-Conscious Criticism

Jamie Weinman’s piece on socially conscious criticism got me thinking about the flaws of the approach: it has a preference for bluntness over subtlety. I’m reminded on one relatively recent example: the years-old debate about whether American Sniper was too jingoistic; perhaps a modern version of John Wayne’s pro-Vietnam War… 280 more words


Close, but...

Jesus Franco’s “Count Dracula” (“El Conde Dracula”) was promoted as an authentic filming of Bram Stoker’s novel–and to an extent it is, taking budgetary restraints into account. 691 more words

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REVIEW: GET OUT (2017) by Ashley Davis

Anticipation:   3/5    I haven’t seen any trailers for GET OUT. The most I’ve seen is an image of one of the characters crying in a close-up. 689 more words

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The Coen Project Part 1: Blood Simple

I love the Coen Brothers. I can’t remember when exactly their films came into my life, but I think saw Oh Brother Where Art Thou… 826 more words


Traditional Westerns vs. Revisionist Westerns

The traditional western tended to view things in black vs. white terms and was mostly affirmative.

Traditional westerns honored “the verities” (themselves the product of pulp romancers)–face-to-face Main Street showdowns vs. 633 more words

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Showgirls: When Guilty Pleasures Stop Being Pleasurable And Start Getting Real

Nobody actually feels guilty about a guilty pleasure. Not really. It’s more of an embarrassment thing. You’re embarrassed to admit that you like this particular movie or show or this particular song or singer but if your secret happened to be revealed, you wouldn’t feel legit guilt, right? 2,916 more words


Double Bill Five - Plague of the Zombies (1966)

PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES (1965)                  30th July 1977     00.05 – 01.30


Sir James Forbes (Andre Morell)

There is a well-established and widely-accepted narrative of the history of Hammer Films into which…

3,075 more words
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