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Ken Russell

The ‘Establishment’ never knew how to deal with Ken Russell, right up to the day he died, he just didn’t – wouldn’t – fit into any box they could use to contain and understand him. 866 more words

Wouldst Thou Like to Live Deliciously? - A Review of The Witch

Sundance award-winning director, Robert Eggers, describes his debut feature as “a Puritan’s nightmare uploaded directly into the audiences’ mind’s eye”. And that is really the best way to describe “The Witch”. 866 more words


The Angry Birds Movie Review - 3.5/5

For a product that’s basically a giant cash-in that’s late to the party I’ll give “The Angry Birds Move” credit: it’s definitely a trail-blazer. It’s the first children’s movie that I recall to teach kids that it’s better to be angry and beat the living hell out of people. 1,218 more words

Jagger Czajka

Marlon Brando and On the Waterfront

Marlon Brando’s celebrated performance in Kazan’s On the Waterfront represents the other side of the coin – a performance that produces a bisexual reading by glorifying a feminized male. 662 more words


World Cinema: Sheer Madness

Winner of Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, the film Sheer Madness presents the inherent dysfunction of the home environment and the chains of marital responsibility within a patriarchal society; these films illustrate a common bond among women, revealing female friendship to be the only means of survival in a world dominated by men. 511 more words


Green Room Review

Green Room doesn’t fuck around…

There’s just no other way to say it! 533 more words


The Nice Guys Review

You’re the world’s worst detective.

I had the pleasure of viewing Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, starring Russell Crowe as debt collector Jack Healy and Ryan Gosling as private investigator Holland March, earlier today, and I’m happy to report that it lived up to my lofty expectations, this film is fantastically fun.  

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