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Pledge Allegiance

It appears to be cosmically noteworthy that ‘The Purge’ series is gradually getting better; the first movie was a dire and lifeless slasher horror that squandered one of the most fertile movie ideas in forever as a get out of jail free card for why nobody ever calls the cops. 1,620 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius

Don't Breathe - Home Invasion Inverted

Don’t Breathe (2016)
Directed by Fede Alvarez
Written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues
Starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang 1,119 more words

In Conversation with Film Critic Deepanjana Pal: ' It's particularly heartbreaking when students don't know great works of Indian cinema'

The MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Images) organised Mumbai Film Festival is a blessing to the cinephiles of the city. Apart from screening the best of cinema from around the world as well as our country, MAMI undertakes a few initiatives like the Mumbai Young Critics (MYC) that are worth appreciation. 619 more words


Interview with author Nat Segaloff

MICHAEL A. VENTRELLA: When I lived in Boston, I enjoyed reading Nat Segaloff’s movie reviews and comments in the Boston Herald. They apparently impressed me enough that when I saw his name on Facebook a few years ago, I remembered him instantly and friended him.  2,237 more words


Kenny's Hometown

CAUTION: Contains “spoilers.”

Leonide Moguy’s “Whistle Stop” (1945) offers the most acerbic portrait of small town life in the 1940s this side of “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.” Perhaps because the Russian-born Moguy worked mostly in Europe he didn’t subscribe to our dream of small town virtue, and almost seemed to cherish every little brushstoke of the seedy mise-en-scene  that he and his cinematographer Russell Metty  breathed into the town of Ashbury. 423 more words


CAUTION: Contains “spoilers.”

William Wyler’s “The Letter” (1940) is a wonderful film in which every component–story, acting, cinematography, music–fits together like the cogwheels of a watch. 847 more words

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REVIEW - Stalker (1979)

Frequent visitors to this site will know that I value Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker above all other films. The reasons for this are really two-fold:

Firstly… 426 more words