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Love is Watching Someone Die

It’s almost impossible for me to be critically objective of director Josh Mond’s debut feature James White. While an outstanding film, it cuts too close to the bone for me on a personal level. 965 more words

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Old Dog, Old Tricks

There’s that old joke about how twenty years ago we had Cash, Hope, and Jobs, but unless you were talking about the game changing figureheads with those surnames, it has actually be longer than that since the American people had all three of those things. 603 more words

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It's Sorta Alive

Victor Frankenstein, yet another reimagining of Mary Shelley’s parable about the dangers of man playing God, certainly entertains, but I’d hesitate to call it a good or necessary thing to watch. 962 more words

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That'll Do, Arlo

Sometimes being “good enough” or “decent for what it is” can be an enormous burden. Take, for example, the latest effort from Pixar, The Good Dinosaur… 882 more words

Film Criticism

REVIEW -- The Raging Moon (1971)

Some films fail at the level of script, others fail at the level of pacing or subject matter. Bryan Forbes’ The Raging Moon is interesting in so far as it fails at the level of casting. 704 more words


Tips for Writing About Film

Writing can cover all sorts of genre, from essay writing to writing screenplays and so on and so forth. One particular genre of writing that I’m interested in is film criticism, in which writers evaluate films and convey their strengths and weakness, usually in the form of a written review though some critics may also do audio reviews via podcast or video reviews for sites like YouTube. 1,450 more words

Criterion Blogathon: Day 6 Recap

This has been amazing.

Today was the last day of the Criterion Blogathon, a blogging event that celebrates some of the best films in the world. 416 more words