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Sisters in Law (2005) – Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem

Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi’s documentary Sisters in Law is best understood in terms of its relationship with Longinotto’s earlier films Divorce Iranian Style and… 1,373 more words


Wimbledon “the movie” (no, not that one)

Wimbledon has engulfed us once more. Two weeks of wall-to-wall tennis engendering either obsession or annoyance. (“I can’t believe they’ve moved Eastenders!”) I belong to the obsession camp. 356 more words


The Metal Man Has Returned

So here we go with another one of these.

The film based on an old series that still has enough nostalgia that executive producers won’t be scared to take a gamble on a new venture du jour is ‘Terminator Genisys’ which aims to reboot (or reprogram, I should say) the Terminator series, created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd. 1,173 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius


By Kevin Redding

If the movie really hypnotizes me, the sensation follows out into real life, and the world seems more solid, more vibrant and beautiful.

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To Live and Die in the West

I’ve only just realised that I don’t get many opportunities to review westerns on this site, that is unless you’d like me to go back and review ‘The Lone Ranger’, to which I would riposte with a remark about ‘noises’ and the fucking there of. 973 more words

Mankind Is Yet To Recognize My Genius


Before Sense8 premiered, I waited patiently everyday for 5th Jun for the newest creation from my favourite filmmakers: The Wakowski Brothers. I have to say that the wait did pay off. 272 more words