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"The Third Man" & Harsh Lighting: Beyond Tropes

Carol Reed’s The Third Man is a perfect example of the pristine understanding film noir directors had of cinematic technique. Film noir employs the tropes of its genre to create a successful formulaic film. 528 more words

Keanu Review (Or, lunacy at it's best) - 3.5/5

This movie should not exist. More importantly, the movie-going process I went to this time with my good friend/future Tent City resident James should not have existed. 1,440 more words

Jagger Czajka

Mini Movie Review: Inspired To Ride (2015)

“It just kind of settles in that you got to realize you got to run your own race. And it’s between me and me you know, me and my thoughts.

683 more words

Punks Vs. Nazis: A Review of Green Room

“Nobody Leaves.”

Mark my words, people, Jeremy Saulnier is the name in the modern film world to look out for. With his first, low-budget, Halloween themed film”Murder Party”, the beautiful and subtle thriller “Blue Ruin”, and now his most recent film, “Green Room”, this director is proving to be a strong and talented presence in independent filmmaking. 607 more words


Deadpool Review - Quaint Heroics

I know Deadpool was released a couple months ago and I’ve been seriously slacking at this blogging thing for the past few weeks, so I’m going to talk about… 949 more words

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The Jungle Book - Engineering in Nature

I had the pleasure of seeing Jon Favreau’s newest film, The Jungle Book, the other night.  The film is a visual marvel supported by a fun story with intriguing themes and compelling characters.   718 more words

The Film Realm

REVIEW -- The Forgotten (2014)

FilmJuice have my review of Oliver Frampton’s debut film, a low-budget British horror film named The Forgotten.

The film is set in Central London where a troubled teenager has returned from holiday to find his mother gone and his father living in an abandoned council estate. 189 more words