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Art Cannot Be Complete | MyChronicles007

                  Everyone accepts the fact art is incomplete and art can never be complete. Everyone person has their own world that has been built through his views and thoughts. 242 more words


"Für immer schön" von Noah Haidle am Residenztheater

Die Regisseurin Katrin Plötner (Abgang Regie 2011 Mozarteum Salzburg) hat das spannende, fast filmische Stück engmaschig inszeniert. Noah Haidle (Drehbuch von “Stand Up Guys” mit Al Pacino, Christopher Walken und Alan Arkin. 356 more words


Movie Reviewers Or Film Critics | MyChronicles007

               The art of watching a movie is what needed right now among the audience. They must be taught how to watch a movie, what are all those things that the screenplay indirectly symbolizes, and most importantly giving importance to the game changer or those acts that has significant change in the flow of the story. 248 more words

What Does Matters To Me

(Ch. 12) Film Screenings, Junkets, & Getting Access

Getting Access to Film Screenings

Every major film studio has agents (or film publicists) to work with the media. Pre-release screenings are set up in major metropolitan areas, and film critics are invited to these and usually offered the best seats in the house. 969 more words

(Ch.10) Blogging, Reviewing for Free or $

Getting Started with A Film Reviewing Career

  • Take an AP High School or college course on film-criticism.
  • Write, write, write.
  • Watch a ton of movies (in numerous genres from various years).
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(Ch. 7) Blockbusters & Event Films

The movie box office landscape changed during the summer of 1975 when a shark invaded the oceans of the northeastern United States, just off the coast of Smith Island and killed several people (and caused mass chaos). 798 more words

Some people bring down the house, others bring up their lunch.

This is a short story written by J the header read:

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It’s Sunday and I’m in a cinema, watching Steve Martin’s latest japes and frolics in… 1,119 more words