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Slide Film Development Kit

In this video I am just showing how easy it is to mix up the working solution for slide film development. Its pretty simple but from reading posts on various websites this is one aspect of the process that seems to trouble people. 36 more words

Film Photography


A quick video that takes what goes on inside a dark bag, or changing bag, and brings it outside.  I decided after the B&W film developing video to take a few minutes and develop a video that really walks through how to load film using a changing bag.   15 more words


New YouTube Video B&W Film Developing - PMK Pyro

Posted new video on B&W Film Developing.  Focus is an overview of just how easy it is to do and why you’d want to shoot film and develop your own film.   38 more words


E-Z Air Travel with Film

There is a ton of crap and misinformation out there around air travel and film.  Crazy recommendations ranging from X-ray proof bags to suggestions about lubricants most conducive to body cavity storage.   425 more words


Quick, Narcissistic Update...

Hey everyone,

I’m gonna try to finish off a roll this weekend and shoot another roll. Develop, scan, edit and upload. (Side note: I’m going to start using the acronym, DESU, as a substitute for develop, edit, scan and upload. 75 more words


Back to Film, part 7: Shots from my Island, Puerto Rico.


My two sisters and I went back home to Puerto Rico for vacation this past March. It was great! We had a lot of fun. 144 more words


One-off #13: Two bar patrons

Good evening!

Here’s a portrait of my two friends Cara and Sevena. I took the same same shot with two cameras, an Olympus OM10 and a Nikon F3, both loaded with Kodak Tri-X 400 film. 56 more words