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Home-developing film reminded me of why I'm not a chemist

Introduction to film development

These days there are only two ways you can get film developed. You can go to a Walgreens or Wal-Mart and have them do it for you at the price of $15 a roll, or you can invest in some film developer chemicals and do it yourself! 828 more words


Developing Film

Its been over 35 years.

Last night I developed three rolls of film.

A 120 roll of expired Kodak Tri-X 400 that I shot in my Yashica D and two 135 rolls that I shot on vacation using my Mamiya 135EF; one roll of Ilford FP4+ ISO 125 and a roll of Tri-X 400. 29 more words


Film development 1 result

I am pretty happy with the results of my first film development at home. The negative retained good density. Three of 36 exposures where under exposed. 63 more words


You may have heard of this day as for the “Dragon Boat Festival”. That is exciting to watch and participate, but it is a lazy interpretation for one of the 4 main holidays on Chinese lunar/farmer’s calendar. 182 more words


Film development kit 1

I have developed B&W negatives in school and community art center labs several times before. This is my first attempt at home.

Equipment list
500ml measuring cup X2… 83 more words

Analogue Photography

Exploring Oak Openings 

With a four day weekend this past week I had the opportunity to explore some more of a local Metropark in the area. It’s hard to believe that I only live 25 miles from here and have only walked it’s trails less than a hand full of times. 36 more words


Nikon F4 Test Complete!

Don’t shoot me but I have finally finished a test roll through my “new to me” Nikon F4.  All I can say is Wow!  The images below were shot on CineStill BWXX and developed in… 68 more words