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with the amount of time spent learning how to do all this film processing, trying to do things in the most efficient and correct ways, making mistakes, figuring out how to fix or compensate for those mistakes. 41 more words

i know i'm just a memory

all of these were shot on a contax g1 / carl zeiss 45mm planar over the course of (i hate to say it) about five months. 272 more words


last night was the first run of developing at home in my bath tub, with some guidance from dylan. everything was scanned in at 1:27-2:03AM. i really should sleep more. 24 more words


i’m going to try and use this to share music as well. so here is some stuff i’ve been into this week. obviously still pretty heavy on the emo jams. 56 more words

Does Hollywood Accurately Pick its Film Hits?

With the current success of Black Panther. How does Hollywood know which films to produce and release? Studios have scoring systems in place but do they work? 277 more words


Grandpa at Work

Tonight I was struggling for a blog topic when I thought of a recent picture that I saw of my Grandpa. The picture sent my mind wandering to other similar pictures and I came up with the theme of Grandpa at Work. 298 more words


Selecting The Best Story Angle

I have a friend that found an incredible story that’s worthy of being developed into a screenplay. When he first told me about the true events, he talked about it from the perspective of the children. 959 more words