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Dinosaur by Richard Keeling on 500px

I developed my first rolls of color film on Sunday.

Eight rolls, seven 35mm, one 120.

It’s something I had been thinking about for a long time, but putting off because it seemed a little bit too difficult. 388 more words


Turning Japanese - A Trip to the Gardens (Pinhole Obscura Reblog)

It’s not often that I take my soul on the journey from oblivion to enlightenment but the Japanese garden at the National Stud made this an easy and eye pleasing prospect. 82 more words

Film Photography

Delta3200 In the street

Just a quick post on some testing of ilford Delta 3200 with my Fuji 645 Medium Format camera. I have run about 3 rolls through the camera and I am quite impressed with the results so far. 121 more words

How to Open a Beer Bottle with Roll Film

I do most of my printing and film development in my darkroom. I am lucky enough to have a very well equipped room for my hobby. 120 more words

Film Photography

52 Weeks of Directors: Courtney Hunt

When Courtney Hunt won the 2008 Sundance Grand Jury prize for her debut feature film, Frozen River, she had no idea it was coming. “I didn’t pay close attention to reviews. 628 more words


35mm Color Film Development + Pentax K1000

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, lately I’ve been into developing my own color film. The bad part is, I think my chemicals are about dead by this point (they have a pretty limited shelf life once they’re mixed) but the good part is, I squeezed another decent roll out of them! 143 more words