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35mm Color Film Development + Pentax K1000

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, lately I’ve been into developing my own color film. The bad part is, I think my chemicals are about dead by this point (they have a pretty limited shelf life once they’re mixed) but the good part is, I squeezed another decent roll out of them! 143 more words


Another day of prep...

Today I decided it was time to invest in the last few things I needed to finally get all the black and white film I have been holding in my fridge developed. 125 more words

Kodak Ektar 120 Film + At Home Development

Since learning how to develop my own color negative film, I had only tested it out on cheap 35mm. So I figured now that I sort of know what I’m doing, may as well splurge on some medium format! 68 more words


Color 35mm and a Holga + Kitchen Sink Development

As stated in my last post, I recently learned to develop color film at home. Since the chemicals have a pretty limited shelf life once they’re mixed, I decided to make the most of them by shooting some cheap junky film with my favorite Holga 135TIM camera and processing another roll. 38 more words


Do It Yourself at Strange Neighbour..

On Saturday 31st Jan I took my first dark steps..

I say dark steps and by that I mean steps into the dark room. I have always wanted to be a lot more self sufficient as a photographer and needed to remind myself that I can do things that I never thought I could as well. 549 more words

Portraits of a Pinhole Camera

Since I started shooting with pinhole cameras I have been using my iPhone to take snap shots of the scene and track the locations using the GPS. 57 more words

Film Photography

C41 Color Film Development at Home

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to develop my own color film at home. When I told this to some friends I was met with a variety of comments designed to dissuade me that ranged from, “Give up now”, to “You’re wasting your money. 265 more words